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  • Platforms: iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 1.7 GB
  • Date Updated: May 6, 2019

With classic images and unique gameplay, the games released by Appsolute Games LLC always get a large number of downloads from online app stores. With this manufacturer, their products always provide the necessary entertainment images for everyone. In particular, they regularly develop games with easy-to-understand content that can be suitable for different ages. If you want to enjoy simple and strategic challenges that fit your little leisure time, Days of Prophecy is the name that suits you best, and you will enjoy attractive turn-based battles.

Days of Prophecy 3


In a large world, mankind and orc all have their lands to live on. However, the outstanding development of orc has made the lands they hold become cramped. To expand territory and develop, orc begins to attack the lands that people own. Everyone’s life is in danger, and a prophecy has appeared. A prophecy about the hero who will lead humanity defeated the invasion of the orc. You will become the hero in the prophecy and leadership of the human race in the coming war.

Days of Prophecy 4


To protect human lands, you must move to many different locations to destroy orc. Along the way, you are tasked to collect characters and create a powerful army. Every place you appear, you’ll have to fight a lot of orcs to protect everyone. So, in the process of fighting, you need wise movement strategies. Moving wisely will help you defeat many orcs and secure your army. Conversely, if you fight without a plan, it will take you a long time to defeat the enemy and create many dangers with your army.

Days of Prophecy – Epic Fantasy Adventure!

When fighting, you just need to touch the character on the screen. After touching the character, the squares will appear around you to move. Each character will have a different range of moves, and you need to specify the target before moving your character. Successfully destroying each enemy will help your character gain experience points and level up. Increasing the level is an essential task for your character. Leveling will help characters improve their skill indicators such as Armor, HP, Strength, Crit Chance or Crit Damage. The higher the stats, the higher the survivability of the characters in the battles.

Days of Prophecy 5


Days of Prophecy for iOS¬†brings a beautiful and simple visual system. The game has 2D graphics and easy-to-see combat effects that bring lots of exciting battles. The characters are designed with beautiful outfits and smooth movements, helping everyone’s experiences not be boring. In particular, the combat environment is well prepared with many locations from the jungle to the town and many other interesting environments for you to explore.

Days of Prophecy 1


You love strategic elements but don’t have much time to participate, Days of Prophecy will help you get the most realistic strategic challenges. The battle of the game does not need much time to complete, and you can comfortably arrange a time to relax.