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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 1.6 GB
  • Date Updated: July 18, 2019

Dead By Daylight is the most famous RPG and horror game today. It was first released on June 14, 2016. After being released, this game created a storm across the globe and received a lot of positive feedback from users. With crazy survival challenges, this game has brought a lot of excitement to everyone. It is also available in various platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and makes it easy for people to explore.

Dead By Daylight Mobile 2

However, there are still a large number of users who have not had the opportunity to explore the impressive challenges of this game. From the demand and popularity of the game, Behavior Digital Inc producer decided to release a mobile version, and it was named Dead By Daylight Mobile. With the mobile version, people can easily explore with friends anywhere or anytime.

Dead By Daylight Mobile 3

Familiar game

Similar to versions on other platforms, Dead By Daylight Mobile APK Mod will give you a journey of survival against crazy and dangerous serial killers. Because of carelessness, you and some others have become the serial killer’s next target. Anyone who helps you is killed cruelly by him. To survive, you and other players must support each other. You need to watch carefully and repair the generators quickly to escape the killer.

Dead By Daylight Mobile for Android/iOS – Gameplay


With survival factor, players need to pay attention to observe the map and move skillfully to avoid the pursuit of the killer. The killer has many physical advantages, and he can quickly approach to kill you. Therefore, you need to hide carefully and keep safe distances from the killer. In particular, you must not let the killer discover you. If you see you, he will chase and kill you quickly.

Dead By Daylight Mobile 4

Join Dead By Daylight Mobile for iOS; you will discover two different game modes of killer and survival. With survival missions, you must constantly move to avoid the pursuit of the killer. In the process of moving, you can help other players and find ways to repair the generators. Successful repair of generators will help you unlock the locked gate and escape the killer.

As for the killer’s mission, you will have to move around the map to attack and destroy the survivors. You are responsible for destroying and preventing survivors from repairing the generators on the map. Each generator will be located in different locations. And you need to guard the generators carefully so that survivors can’t fix them. Besides, you can also destroy generators after being repaired by survivors to prevent them from completing the challenge. Compared to survivors, each killer will have special skills to use. So you need to activate these skills at reasonable times to win.

Dead By Daylight Mobile 1

Scary graphics

Dead By Daylight Mobile has a sharp and realistic 3D graphics. The details of the game are designed with the colors of blood and dark landscapes. Besides, the game also has many diverse maps, and each map will bring different horrible images to challenge the courage of the player. Note, the game contains many violent images and is only suitable for objects aged 18 and over.