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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $7.99
  • File size: 663 MB
  • Date Updated: September 10, 2019

Platformer challenges are very popular, and it is widely developed on many different platforms (PC, Console, Mobile, …). Among the famous platformer challenges, Dead Cells is the name that many people love. With action elements and fierce battles in hell, this game will give people many fascinating challenges to relax. Besides, Playdigious manufacturer also prepared for this game an impressive image system and many unique details. Are you ready to conquer vast dungeons and defeat strange monsters?

Dead Cells 1

Discover the mysterious Dungeon

Dead Cells for iOS is a fascinating game and will bring many exciting adventure journey for players. With the context in the vast dungeons, players will constantly be fighting to explore these dungeons. The battles that you are about to take part in will be intense, and you will face many dangerous monsters. Therefore, the game requires you to get a good focus. Compared to the PC-based version, this mobile version is designed to be more minimalist but promises to bring still complex challenges for players to experience.

Dead Cells – Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.

Weapon system and diverse items

Unlike the regular platformer and other RPG challenges, this game allows players to explore many different weapons. This means that you are allowed to use multiple weapons at the same time, and you will not be limited to having to choose a certain fighting style. With the use of many different weapons (swords, shields, bows, …), players will be free to create and experience many different fighting styles. You can use long-range offensive weapons to defeat enemies quickly. Or use melee weapons and attack the enemies violently to destroy them. In general, the weapon system is unique, and players can upgrade in different stages.

Dead Cells 2

Besides, the dungeons are hidden many unique support items for players to use. Each support item will have a unique effect, and you can easily collect them in the process of conquering dungeons. There will be many other types of items to collect; some can be collected and without charge. However, some rare items will require a fee, and you must have a stable financial source to collect them.

Dead Cells 3

Fight smart to survive

When conquering dungeons, you will face many types of dangerous monsters and many complex paths. Therefore, you need intelligent controls to ensure the safety of your character. A mini-map system is displayed on the right of the device screen to help you easily move and mark the places you’ve gone through.

Dead Cells 4

Besides, Dead Cells possesses an intuitive and scientifically arranged virtual key system. From there, players can freely control the character and enjoy many fierce battles. In particular, the monsters in the game are designed with intelligence. Meaning they will automatically attack when they see you. Therefore, you must have quick reflexes to avoid the onslaught of enemies. And activate your weapons system to destroy them. Your character will be provided with an HP bar with 100 points. If your HP drops to 0 points, the character will die, and you will have to play again.