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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 88 MB
  • Date Updated: July 17, 2018

“Tower Defense” is a very familiar type of game with many players. Typically, these games are highly strategic with a variety of features, and players will have the opportunity to show off their tactical abilities through these games. Defense Legend is one of the very famous Tower Defense series games and has received a lot of love from players. Recently, GCenter publisher has released a new version of the game series called Defense Legend 3. This version has a lot of new upgrades along with a more attractive, promising storyline will bring players the unique and exciting experience. The game is now available on Google Play and App Store so that you can experience this game very easily.

defense legend 3 future war 2

The darkness returned

The story of Defense Legend 3 APK Download is a sequel to Defense Legend 2. The power of darkness has been repelled by humanity with their power and strategic talent. The enemy’s army is disintegrated and forced to retreat to their world. But part of the remnants of the enemy successfully escaped. They are planning to invade the Earth once more and turn it into hell. You will become a talented leader and use all your wisdom to help mankind overcome difficulties. It all depends on you!

defense legend 3 future war 3

Feature system has many improvements

The gameplay of this version is not too different than the predecessor version so that players can get to know the game quickly. Compared to the predecessor version, this game has a lot of features are changed and improved. Players will be engaging in highly strategic modern battles in the game. First, we will talk about superhero features. This is a new feature that appears on this version; players can own different heroes to help their army defeated enemies easier. Each hero possesses different special skills and will be suitable for each tactic. With this unique feature, players can create more tactics.

Defense Legend 3 – Future War Android Gameplay (Beta Test)

The weapon system of this version has also been upgraded to give the player a much better experience. The weapons in the previous version have been upgraded and replaced so that they can defeat the stronger enemies in this version. Players will be able to create new tactical teams to defeat enemies in different ways. Moreover, the map system of the game has also been changed a lot. You will face a variety of complex terrain and give you the most reasonable strategy to win.

defense legend 3 future war 4


Defense Legend 3 Mod Money is built on a very sharp and impressive 3D graphics platform. The battle in the game is very large scale with many different visual effects will make players feel excited. The sound of the game was not improved too much but was optimized by the manufacturer to match the graphic design of the game.

defense legend 3 future war 5


If you are a “Tower Defense” style player, you will not be missing out on Defense Legend 3. The game’s storyline will bring players more challenges. They will have the opportunity to show their leadership by overcoming these challenges. This is a game worth experiencing because of its refurbished feature system.