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  • Date Updated: August 7, 2018

If you are a defense game enthusiast, then you will know the name: Defense Zone. This is a very popular defense game series released by Artem Kotov. Your country is going through a devastating war, the enemy possesses great power, and they are crossing the border to attack your capital. As a high-level leader, you will not let the enemy easily accomplish their conspiracy. Therefore, you will have to build a strong defense system; you will not let any enemy pass through your defense. With fast-paced battles and beautifully designed graphics, this series of games has attracted a lot of attention from players around the globe. Therefore, Artem Kotov has released Defense Zone 3 to meet the increasing demand of players. They will continue to experience large-scale defensive battles and demonstrate their strategic ability in this game.

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Compared to previous versions, Defense Zone 3 Mod Money owns familiar gameplay. Players will adapt quickly to the gameplay of this game when they have used the previous version. You will have to overcome many levels of difficulty in this game to prove your excellent leadership. Initially, the game will provide players with a small amount of money, which players can use to create new towers. Of course, you will have to choose the right locations for the defense towers to get the most out of them. The enemy’s troops will move on different paths on the map of the game, so they will not be able to attack your tower defense. Each time you kill an enemy, you will receive a bonus. At this point, the player will have two choices: create new tower defense or upgrade the tower defense they own. Make the right decision to win easily.

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Different difficulty levels will have a separate map design. Players will have a lot of new experiences when they are engaged in the fierce battle on the new maps that the game offers. Players will have to adapt quickly to the new map to come up with the best tactics and achieve victory.

Defense Zone 3 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Familiar graphics

Defense Zone 3 APK Download has a 3D graphics design not too different from the previous version. The graphic design of the game has been greatly enhanced to bring players more engaging battles. In particular, the fire effects are displayed in greater detail. The sound of the game is also greatly improved compared to the predecessor version so that players experience more intense battle.

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You can download the game here.

Defense Zone 3 is a big upgrade and deserves a lot of attention. With a series of tower defense and new maps, players will have a completely new experience in the battle attractive. The game’s graphics and sound system have also been improved so that players can feel the fierceness of the battle. If you want to experience this game simply, you can use our link.