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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 92 MB
  • Date Updated: June 26, 2018

Demolition Derby 2 is a unique game with a combination of two elements namely action and racing. Players will experience a completely different experience with traditional racing games on the market today. Publisher Beer Money Games! has created a real arena where players can compete with each other by controlling their car in dramatic battles. Destroy the other players with your car to become the last survivor. Can you become the strongest in this game?

demolition derby 2 2

Impact and destruction

When you join the game, you will own a racing car. You will use your race car and enter the arena and destroy all the other rivals to become the strongest. The game has unique gameplay; players will use their racing cars to crash into the cars of other rivals to make them suffer damage.

demolition derby 2 3

However, after the collision is dangerous, your car will also be hurt. Therefore, you need to use your highest speed to attack other players and achieve the best effect. Also, other opponents in the battle will also attack to knock you down. Therefore, players need to avoid attacks from other opponents and attack them. A good racer in this game will know when they need to attack and defend. You will have to destroy all your opponents to win this fierce battle.

demolition derby 2 4

Multiplayer racing system

After completing Demolition Derby 2 Mod Coins, you will receive bonuses and bonuses from the game based on the achievements you gain in the battle. You will use your money to upgrade your race car or buy a new one in the store of the game. You will make various upgrades for your car such as engine, armour, colour… These upgrades will help your car become much stronger to be able to survive longer in the next battle. The game also offers more than 40 different types of racing for players to choose from; each race car will own different specifications. You need to find out and choose the most suitable race car.

demolition derby 2 5


The game has a very simple control system, and players will not spend too much time playing dramatic battles in this game. You can control your car pretty easily, but to become a good fighter you still need other factors such as tactics and personal skills to help you win.

Demolition Derby 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Beautiful picture

Demolition Derby 2 Mod Money brings players a 3D graphics system with very high image quality. The vehicles and surroundings are displayed very clearly on the screen of the device. Also, the physics effects of the car are simulated perfectly in this game. You can easily see the distortion and damage of the cars after each collision. The sound of the simulated vehicles is similar to the reality of the game so that the player has the most authentic experience.

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Demolition Derby 2 will be a new choice when you are bored with traditional racing games. You will experience the game extremely attractive and dramatic in the game with high image quality. If you are interested in it, then you explore it with our link.