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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: December 26, 2018

Beer Money Games! is an impressive producer with unique racing games and among the released games, Demolition Derby is the most impressive racing game series. This series of games will take you to a completely different racing experience than games of the same genre. You will not participate in normal racing anymore. Instead, you will compete and drive crashing into other players. And Demolition Derby 3 is the latest version of this series. In this version, the manufacturer has made many interesting changes to bring more fun to the players.

demolition derby 3 2

Attractive competition

In Demolition Derby 3 for iOS, you will experience crazy battles and fierce competition with many other players. To win you will have to drive and crash into other players, bumping and crashing into other players many times will cause their vehicles to be badly damaged and destroyed. The destroyed cars will be eliminated from the match, and the last survivor will be the winner.

demolition derby 3 3

Each match will have no limit on competition time, so players will be comfortable to experience. You will have to compete with nine other players in each match; you will have to move wisely to survive and destroy other opponents. Map of the game is designed in a limited space; you will have to move and collide with other players in the area allowed. You will have to take advantage of the chaos in each match to take advantage of the opponent’s loopholes and quickly destroy the opponent. Also, you should pay close attention and to limit collision with the enemy and survive to the end of the match.

Demolition Derby 3 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Customize your car

To compete with many players and win, you will have to buy a new one or upgrade the car being used. In this version, the manufacturer has prepared 15 different cars for players to collect and use. To own and use many different cars, players need to upgrade their garage. And to survive the fierce matches, you need to upgrade your car with many different devices. Players will have to upgrade the engine to help the car move faster. Use high-quality tires to help the car move smoothly and many other upgrades. To own and use many different cars, players need to upgrade their garage.

demolition derby 3 4

Images and sounds

Demolition Derby 3 APK Mod has impressive 3D graphics along with an intuitive control system, which will make it easier for players to experience and love the game. All the details and visual effects of the game are designed and coordinated harmoniously, giving the player an authentic experience. Pictures of cars destroyed with smoke and fire help the experience more exciting. Also, the sound of the game is designed to be very suitable for gameplay and addictive. Over 20 different songs and used scientifically will give you a memorable experience.

Demolition Derby 3


Demolition Derby 3 is the unique racing game ever, realistic images with intense competition will bring you the most fun experience. Discover the unique challenges of the game now with links shared at the end of the article.