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After hours of hard work, returning to your home is the best relief. At home, you can freely do what you want to relax your mind. Now, how do you own a house? What style is your home built? If you want to discover more about interior decoration, Design Home is a great choice for you to create your own home. This is a simulation game for players to comfortably decorate their homes. This game is relatively simple and promises to bring many interesting tasks for everyone.

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Designer’s work

Similar to designing an outfit or a tool for living in life, interior design is an attractive job. With the task of an interior designer, you will have to choose objects that fit the space of an apartment and bring comfort to users. Besides choosing the right furniture, you need to coordinate this furniture to create beautiful rooms. Coming to Design Home APK Mod, you have the opportunity to create creativity to bring beautiful rooms with many famous types of furniture.

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To create comfort for users, a room needs to use different types of furniture. The furniture prepared in the game is modeled from real and famous furniture in real life. When participating in designing a room, you have the opportunity to discover and use a variety of different objects. The game will prepare dozens of different categories for you to choose your favorite items to decorate the room. You can discover luxurious sofas or exquisite single chairs and many other types of furniture.

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With the challenge of interior design, the game will prepare daily tasks for you and everyone to participate. After completing the tasks, you can submit your blueprints and receive many attractive rewards. In particular, daily tasks will be prepared according to different topics, and it will suggest to you with certain furniture. From the themes and design space provided, you must create your styles. Choose furniture that matches the required space and theme.

Design Home – Play with home decorating

Besides taking part in daily tasks, players can also explore free design challenges. And send your design to get more rewards. Having more rewards will allow you to discover and use new furniture. The furniture of the game will be updated continuously to help players comfortably create and create new styles for themselves.

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Design Home is a fascinating simulation game ever. It has an easy-to-understand and gentle gameplay, players will have great relaxation time without having to perform many tasks. Not only does it bring exciting challenges, but the game also helps people gain more knowledge about the furniture that is being used in common today. From this diverse furniture system, be creative and bring many impressive rooms to your home.