• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 53 MB
  • Date Updated: December 8, 2018

Destiny Child is a turn-based RPG game. This game is produced by LINE GAMES; this is a very famous game maker of Korea. An eye-catching product with outstanding features compared to other games of the same genre. This product has excellent image quality promising to bring a lot of unexpected and addictive experiences to people by the end of 2018. You will become the leader of many impressive characters and lead them to participate in the battle is fun and intense.

destiny child 1

Graphics and sound

Like many other games of LINE GAMES, Destiny Child for iOS has beautiful 3D graphics along with many animated moves that will make people excited when experiencing this product. The character design in this game is very sophisticated with many beautiful and realistic details. The color of the game is also appreciated with variety and harmony; players will have a completely new experience. The interface of the product is arranged in a very scientific way; people will easily control the game. Character design has many images not suitable for subjects under 16 years old. Besides all the characters will have a lovely voice, people will feel more happy to hear the voice of the characters. Each character is designed as a separate voice, and the game is voiced by many famous actors to make this product more attractive.

destiny child 2

An engaging game

In this game, you will have to collect different characters to lead them into many engaging battles. You will discover interesting stories alongside each character, many interesting stories revolving around the game will make you feel curious and want to explore more mystery. The game is prepared with many things you should not miss such as Underground, Devil Rumble, Event Dungeon and much other impressive content. Each content will bring you a unique experience with many engaging activities. Event Dungeon is a daily activity that helps people participate in events to fight and receive various rewards. Underground and Devil Rumble are two of the most important aspects of the game, so everyone will have the chance to compete and challenge their limits with unique challenges.

Destiny Child for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Character and experience

Everybody has the task of building a team of 5 members with different characters to participate in the battle. You will have to collect each character and arrange them in a squad to fight. You will build a battle team based on your thinking abilities; each character will have its advantages for you to use. Also, you will have to upgrade your character to help improve the fighting skills, develop characters in a uniform way to help your team get absolute strength. Search and equip various items for your character; everyone can join the event or complete the quests in the game to get the needed items.

destiny child 3


Destiny Child is an attractive product with impressive 2D graphics, an addictive product that people should experience. Many activities and impressive features of the game will help people happy. Join and make friends with people around the world in this product. Note, the game has some pictures not suitable for children.