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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: $4.36
  • File size: 1.6 GB
  • Date Updated: May 23, 2019

Devil Stone – The unique JRPG challenge comes from Simplist Limited producer. This is an attractive and new role-playing game recently released. If you are a lover of immersive challenges and engaging stories, this game is the right choice for you. An exciting adventure journey between hell and the human world awaits you. Discover it now to enjoy many fun journeys and get the most comfortable leisure time.

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Devil Stone APK Mod will take people to the story of power competition to find the ruler of the kingdom. However, the kingdom mentioned here is hell. That means you will have to overcome many dangerous and exciting challenges to win Demon King position – the ruler of the underworld. The content of the game will revolve around the character named Phicus Sera and you are responsible for helping this character gain King Demon position. Phicus Sera is the 19th successor to King Demon title. However, this character was expelled from hell at the present time and had to gather enough Devil’s stones to regain his position.

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The journey of the heir

With the aim of returning to hell and regaining the throne, you will have to move and explore many different lands in the world of mankind. Devil’s stones are hidden and guarded at various locations. To reach these locations, you must complete many missions and overcome many dangerous enemies. In particular, you will participate in these journeys with help from new characters. Eiji John Austin and his warrior team members will help you in the upcoming challenges.

Devil Stone for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Your adventure will take you to many different lands, and each land will have its own stories to explore. Conquer new lands and gather the information that leads to the location of Devil’s hidden stones as your priority goal. However, the information needs to be collected and solved a lot. So you need to focus and capture the events that take place in the land you are conquering.

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Each land will provide you with specific missions to accumulate information that leads to the Devil’s stones. The mission system is very diverse, and each mission will have its requirements to complete. In addition to completing tasks, you also need to collect and use good items for the character. You can easily overcome crazy challenges when the character is equipped with the best items. Similar to the mission system, items are well prepared with many individual power indicators for you to use. Well equip the character and fight wisely to win.

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New Experiences

Devil Stone get a new and unique image design. The characters are designed in attractive anime style with beautiful costumes and weapons. To match the plot, players will discover a variety of landscapes in each land. Besides, every land you explore will be prepared with its environment. In particular, you can freely enjoy two worlds like hell and human lands.