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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 82 MB
  • Date Updated: September 9, 2018

Today, the survival games are all popular. Popular survival games such as PUBG Mobile and Rules Of Survival are at the top of the popular game rankings. But manufacturers always want to create new products by combining creative ideas with one another. A lot of survival games have unique gameplay was launched in 2018, these games also attract a lot of attention from players. Recently, Wizard Games Incorporated has officially launched Dinos Royale. This is a survival game with very unique gameplay, players will be attracted by this game from the first look. We will learn about it now!

Dinos Royale 4

Survive in the dinosaur era

Dinos Royale will take players to an imaginary world, the dinosaurs still exist in this world. Like other survival games, you will have to engage in a battle with 19 other players. Initially, you can choose your starting position on the map of the game. Then, your character will appear on the map of the game. You will have to control your character moving around the map of the game to search for supporting items. You can find guns, swords, medical equipment … on the map of the game to increase your chances of survival. Also, you can find scary dinosaurs. You can use them to increase your movement speed, which is quite new to the player.

Dinos Royale 3

In particular, you can use dinosaurs to attack other players. If your dinosaurs are bigger then the damage you make will be bigger. Look for the biggest dinosaurs to kill other players. The battle will end when there is only one survivor on the map of the game. Use every possible way to become the ultimate survivor and win. After each battle, you will receive bonuses corresponding to the achievement you achieved. You can use bonuses to unlock new characters in the game’s store and get a new experience.

Dinos Royale Gameplay – Wizard Games Incorporated

Familiar graphics

There is quite unique gameplay, but Dinos Royale owns the familiar Pixel 2D graphic design. All the details in the game are displayed in a grid arranged in a very reasonable way. Besides, the character in the game is a very cute design and players will feel more fun. The sound of the game is not invested too much but it still gives the player the most enjoyable experience.

Dinos Royale 2

Why not play Dinos Royale?

Dinos Royale promises to be a new choice for fans of survival games. It gives players a lot of new experiences in fun battles. You can play this game easily with the links at the bottom of our article.