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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: August 7, 2018

When it comes to dinosaurs, people will think of big and dangerous animals. They can attack and eat other creatures easily. All dinosaurs were destroyed by catastrophe hundreds of millions of years ago, and we can only see them appearing in museums in the form of fossils. Have you ever imagined another future, when dinosaurs existed, and they could grow like humans? Dinosaurs Are People Too from Pomelo Games will realize your idea. You will see another future of the earth, dinosaurs surviving and they will grow and become a dominant species in this game. Do you feel curious?

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The development of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Are People Too APK Mod will take players to an imaginary world. Here, the dinosaurs still exist and they are as intelligent as humans. You help the dinosaurs grow so they can reach a modern civilization like humans. Initially, you would own quite a few dinosaurs; these dinosaurs would do different jobs such as farming, building homes … With every product that your dinosaur created, you will receive Get a corresponding sum of money from the game. You can use the money you receive to unlock new game features. Your dinosaurs will appear more, and you can let them do other tasks such as resource extraction, food processing … Gradually, your dinosaur empire will grow stronger. Then you will get a lot of money; you will unlock the new features of the game to grow your dinosaurs. The game offers players many different development options that players need to explore directly.

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This is an idle game; it will have simple gameplay. Players will not need any guidance to participate in this game. You will touch the screen to speed up the work of the dinosaurs. The quicker you do it, the more money you will receive. With simple gameplay, any age can participate in this unique idle game.

Dinosaurs Are People Too for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Animated graphics

Dinosaurs Are People Too for Android is based on animated cartoon-style 2D graphics. The game has bright colors, players can easily observe all the happenings happening on the map of the game. The dinosaurs in the game are designed in cartoon style, and they are very user-friendly. You will feel the dinosaurs are so cute and want to help them grow. The sound of the dinosaurs in the game is well designed so that players get the same feel they are living in a dinosaur world.

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Dinosaurs Are People Too will be a good choice for you to entertain during the boring weekend. The dinosaur world in this game contains a lot of mysteries waiting for you to discover. Experience this game now!