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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 678 MB
  • Date Updated: December 7, 2018

Diosa Force II Elemental Order is a very engaging role-playing game. The game is produced by Auer Media & Entertainment, a famous RPG game producer with a variety of attractive products. The game will bring you a series of exciting adventures; you will be fighting with many dangerous monsters and looking for new land in the game. A variety of crazy challenges in this game will be a memorable experience for everyone.

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Graphics and sound

Diosa Force II Elemental Order for iOS has beautiful 3D graphics and rarely has a role-playing game on mobile has such excellent graphics quality as the game. All characters in the game are designed and built in anime style to make the game more authentic and lovely. The actions and details in the game are designed really to make the game experience more realistic. Besides, the game also has a high-quality interface with many important parameters. The visual effects of characters in combat are very beautiful and impressive. The sound of the game is also designed in an epic style to match the fighting content and adventure of the game. On the other hand, background music in the game is also very easy to hear and attractive, so people do not feel bored while waiting in the game.

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In Diosa Force II Elemental Order APK Mod there are many different worlds such as Endless Abyss, Aqua World, Sky Island and Land of Vulcan with four unique elements including wind, water, earth, and fire. The elements and world in the game have an important link, but one bad guy is taking advantage of these connections to dominate the world. All elements are invaded by evil forces. To stop the darkness, three explorers from Alta Milan were taken to Sky Island – the home of Elf and started a new adventure. They will start from this place to find ways to prevent dark invaders square and meet many new heroes to find ways to save the kingdom from destruction.

Diosa Force II Elemental Order for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Like many other role-playing games, when you experience this game people will have to fight and level up in different levels in the game. In the game, you will have to collect many different characters to create a group of powerful warriors to participate in exciting adventures in the game. There are more than 100 different characters in the game for you to collect and use, you will have the opportunity to collect the hero after completing the requirements of the game. The game has many characters divided into multiple classes such as Archery, Warrior, Tanker, Knight, Mage. Collect the characters, so they fight together against many monsters and BOSS in each mission of the game. Collect and upgrade the necessary equipment for the character to increase the team’s fighting ability. Use the special fighting skills of each character in battle to quickly destroy your opponent.

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Diosa Force II Elemental Order is an attractive RPG game with beautiful graphics. The game has a lot of content and interesting fighting style, you will have to build the game in your way. Fun role-playing games with lots of interesting activities are waiting for you. If you are interested in this game, please use the link at the bottom of the article to download and experience the game.