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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 84 MB
  • Date Updated: July 22, 2019

In life, people must always communicate to accomplish their goals. However, people often talk to each other via chat software. It is a very convenient way for people to communicate quickly. We all want to show more emotion on these chat tools without having to create too many characters. Therefore, we will bring you to support software so you can express your emotions as quickly as possible. That software is called Disney Emoji Blitz; it was developed by Jam City, Inc. With this interesting software, you will not have to perform too many complicated or time-consuming tasks when choosing reasonable emoji for your conversation. In the article below, we will bring you some useful information about this unique software.

disney emoji blitz 2

An interesting game

Disney Emoji Blitz for iOS is not just an emoji software for everyone to use. Its main function is a game, does this surprise you? Yes, it is a very interesting and special game. This game has familiar match-3 style gameplay, and you will easily get used to it. Just like many games of the same genre, you will have to go through many different levels of difficulty to get attractive rewards. The interface of the game is also very friendly, and you will not take much time to learn about it. You just need to open the game and immediately join the exciting challenges that it brings.

Disney Emoji Blitz – Match Disney & Pixar Emoji

On the screen of the game will appear a table divided into many different squares. Each square will contain a unique emoji; your task is to arrange three emoji of the same type in a horizontal or vertical row to get the score. When you reach the required score, you will pass the difficult level and unlock the next level of difficulty. The reward you receive after completing a very special difficulty level, you will get many unique emoji that you can only see in this game.

disney emoji blitz 3

Huge emoji system

The game will give you a huge emoji system to choose from; you need to complete the required difficulty levels of the game to unlock the necessary emoji. There are thousands of unique and beautiful emoji waiting for you to unlock and experience. Moreover, this game is a support software for popular chat applications like Facebook, Twiter, Snap chat… You can use the rewards of this game in messages to your friends to express your feelings. Sure, your friends will be surprised to see these unique emoji. You can also invite your friends to join this game to get more fun and unlock unique emoji to use. Is that amazing?

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In today’s mobile game market, Disney Emoji Blitz is a game with completely new features and offers a unique experience for many players. The rewards of this game can all be used as emoji in online conversations on social networks. Players will feel very excited when participating in this exciting game and get many unique rewards. If you want to own a series of unique emoji, please join this game now with our links.