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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: February 2, 2019

Walt Disney, one of many famous media and entertainment corporations in the world and the United States. They always get the attention of everyone with many impressive products. Popular programs or movies of Walt Disney always bring excitement to viewers. Recently, goGame producer has released an interesting game developed based on the famous works of Walt Disney. Disney Epic Quest promises to offer many fascinating challenges around the many unique stories and characters of Walt Disney. If you are a fan of this media company, you should explore the game.

Disney Epic Quest 1


goGame producer has prepared for Disney Epic Quest for iOS a fascinating story with many unique exploration journeys. Digital Kingdoms – a world of cartoon characters, this place is under attack. By Syntax Virus and it poses many dangers to everyone. To prevent catastrophe and protect people, you will have to collect various characters from Disney world. Create a powerful Luminaries and destroy Syntax Virus.

Disney Epic Quest 2

Become a world protector

The game will have many exciting adventures; you will meet many cartoon characters in famous works such as Mr.Incredibles, Ralph, Big Hero 6 and many other characters. Explore many beautiful areas of cartoon characters and create a powerful group to prevent attacks from Virus Syntax. Choose powerful characters or personal preferences to create groups. Many different characters will help you to be able to save this beautiful world.

Disney Epic Quest for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The next interesting thing that you should not ignore is that the characters will be arranged strength according to different character classes. Each character class will have its impressive power with many interesting images. Character classes include Balanced, Speed, Strength and Wisdom. Besides the diverse character system, when you experience you will be involved in upgrading the character’s strength. All characters after being upgraded will fight better. Arrange a science battle formation and upgrade characters regularly to get more exciting battles.

Disney Epic Quest 3

Fight and control

When participating in combat, you will control the character with the virtual key system. Virtual keys are designed very simply and make it easy to experience the game quickly. Virtual keys include character movement, using special skills when fighting and changing characters. Touch the device’s screen to perform many different controls.

Game mode

Disney Epic Quest APK Mod offers two exciting game modes for everyone to join, confront and destroy all enemies in Showdown mode or Co-op mode. Experience and collect more characters to create more fun journeys. Fight a variety of different enemies, explore fascinating combat environments in each game mode. Each mode will have different challenges and tasks for you to complete. Complete missions and conquer new lands.

Disney Epic Quest 4


Disney Epic Quest is a good relaxing game with many gentle experiences. The system of well-prepared stories, characters and images bring joy to everyone. Sharp 3D graphics and impressive details provide a lot of interesting and addictive experiences.