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  • Date Updated: June 26, 2019

A smart leader will build a strong and constantly growing nation. Every country needs leaders to survive and grow. So, do you want to be a supreme leader and own a country of your own? To do that, explore DomiNations. This fascinating game is built with a real-time strategy theme and produced by NEXON M Inc. Besides, you will be participating in the online competition with many others. Join this game to create a powerful empire and conquer other countries.

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Familiar content

DomiNations APK Mod owns relatively familiar gameplay compared to games of the same genre. However, it is not limited to context and time like other products. Instead, players have the opportunity to explore various stages of development in human history. From medieval to modern and future timelines. You and many other players in the world will have to overcome many different challenges to own a powerful kingdom. With diverse backgrounds and timelines (medieval and modern), people will enjoy many epic battles.

Country selection and development

Before enjoying the unique strategic challenges, you have the task of choosing the country to grow. There are many different countries in the game, like Korean, Roman, Japan Empire, and many other countries. Each country has its own culture and technology to develop. Choose the country you care about and build a powerful empire to conquer many different lands in the world.

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After selecting the desired country, you will begin the process of building your kingdom. The game will start with The Stone Age and give you a small land to grow. From the land provided, you need to build many different buildings and create a densely populated community. Having a large community, you must find ways to develop your economy and gather resources. You must use the accumulated resources scientifically to develop the kingdom. Besides building a stable economy, you also need to own the army to be ready for war.

DomiNations – Empire builder & battle game

To discover new periods and improve your society, you need to meet the essential requirements of the game. After that, you just need to upgrade the main house to be able to discover new periods. The stages you can explore include: Industrial Age or Space Age and some other stages of development. Each stage of development will possess different unique architectural features. To build many new buildings and meet the kingdom’s development needs. You need to expand your territory and accumulate more resources.

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Join the war to survive

In addition to the construction and development tasks in each stage, DomiNations also requires players to participate in regular warfare to unlock new technologies. Join the war to help you discover new places and valuable resources to develop the kingdom. In particular, large valuable resources are often in small numbers, and you must constantly fight to be able to exploit them. Fight constantly and build powerful troops to avoid being colonized by other players.