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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 12, 2018

Everyone knows Domino, this is a very familiar game, and it gives everyone a lot of interesting feeling. Everyone is happy and curious to see the cards fall under the Domino effect, it becomes a very interesting and popular game. If you are looking for a game that talks about Domino then we will give you a game with the same name from Ketchapp. This is a new recreation of Ketchapp; they give everyone a great gift. Right now, we will learn about this game.

domino 2

Simple gameplay

Domino APK Download is in fact very simple gameplay; you only need to rank Domino cards into a logical sequence. When you hit the first card, it pours and continues to affect the next Domino cards. This chain reaction will end when all of your cards are knocked over. However, the Domino we are talking about has unique gameplay; players will be fascinated by this game from the first look. Initially, the chain reaction of the Domino cards will occur. Your task is to touch your screen correctly to add a Domino card. Your card will help the chain reaction continue, and it will last until you can not place a card in its proper place. Of course, if you always put the card in the right place, the chain reaction will continue indefinitely. Specifically, this is a game Reflex with simple gameplay. It is suitable for those who are looking for a new and unique Domino game.

Domino(By Ketchapp) Android/iOS – Gameplay

After each turn, you will receive the bonus coming from the game. If your achievement is higher, then the bonus you receive will be higher. Therefore, try to achieve a new record to get the most bonus. With the bonus you get from the game, you can use it to unlock new Domino cards in the game store. New Domino cards have a unique design with many patterns and colors that will make the player feel much more excited.

domino 3

2D graphics

Domino for Android is a simple game, and it also owns a simple 2D graphic design. The cards in this game are very clear; you can easily see the chain reaction and make the right decision. The visual effects in the game are displayed very smoothly so that the player has the best gaming experience. Besides, the sound of the game is also simulated as in real life to make the player feel more fun.

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Not just a regular entertainment, Domino will bring you the most comfortable moments. The chain reaction will make you want to look at many times to get a new experience. Come to this game to get endless fun from it!