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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: March 2, 2019

Have you ever thought you would be stuck in a room or a cramped space and looking for safe exits? A wrong choice can put you at risk. What do you do when you fall into these complicated situations? Join Doors&Rooms: Escape King to find your safe escape routes and challenge your thinking ability. Overcome the most appealing and authentic challenges with this unique product of mobirix publisher. Join these crazy challenges and enjoy the most exciting adventure experience today.

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Dangerous challenges

Doors&Rooms: Escape King for iOS is developed with the most interesting challenges, you will be taken to many different rooms, and you must find ways to unlock the door of the room to escape. These challenges are designed with many levels, and you need to have a good mindset to develop reasonable escape plans. All the actions you have taken will determine your ability to escape or fail. Pay close attention to the surrounding space and persevere to find a safe exit correctly.

Doors&Rooms : Escape King – Escape Games


You are involved in fascinating escape challenges with a variety of diverse levels. Each level will bring players to many different rooms. And each room will have its escape ways to explore. Use your thinking ability to complete the levels of the game. Inside each room will appear many different objects; you need to collect them and use a reasonable way to escape safely. These challenges need a good focus, and you must be persistent in finding ways to use the objects that appear in the room. Finding and combining things will help you find a way to escape.

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Touch the objects on the device’s screen to collect them. On the left of the device’s screen will display a bag. Items collected or successfully combined will be placed in this bag. You can also zoom the collected objects to watch them more carefully.

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Doors&Rooms: Escape King APK Mod is designed with realistic hand-drawn style, so you need to pay close attention to not ignore important objects. The context of the game is built with a series of gloomy colours, thus creating more authentic emotions and making you more focused. Each level is a different room, and each room will be designed with its details. You get to experience with a reading room, a doctor’s office and many other unique rooms. With a variety of designs in each challenge, players will want to experience it constantly and never get bored.

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The manufacturer has prepared the unique challenges for the player’s thinking ability to be further developed. Producers also encourage you to experience with friends to have more fun. If you are looking for intriguing and complex intellectual challenges, join Doors&Rooms: Escape King right now with the sharing link at the bottom of the article.