DOTA is a famous game globally and owns many exciting tournaments. This game possesses a large community of players and always receives the attention of everyone. After the success of the first version, DOTA 2 was officially released on July 9, 2013, by Valve Corporation. From the success of DOTA 2, a new game has been released with a unique strategy, and it’s called Dota Auto Chess.

dota underlords 2

To compete with Dota Auto Chess, Valve Corporation decided to release Auto Chess version of itself. After some introductory videos, on June 14, 2019, they released Dota Underlords. This new game promises to bring many interesting challenges and meet the diverse entertainment needs of everyone.

Discover the game

After the success of Auto Chess, Dota Underlords for iOS was officially released and brought a new race to today’s game producers. In particular, this game is built with an impressive management system. It allows players to freely experience on both platforms, PC and Mobile. The information and account management list of players are allowed to connect and share easily from PC to mobile. From there, you can easily relax and store your changes anywhere.

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If you’ve ever explored Auto Chess products, enjoying and controlling the characters will be simple. You will have to collect and use many different characters in a battle to defeat your enemies. To win, you need to have battle strategies and arrange your formation wisely. Each battle will take place in different rounds, and you need more time to experience. Each round allows you to summon and use various characters to defeat the enemy. Try to use a variety of strategies in each battle to surprise your enemies and defeat them quickly.

Dota Underlords – Strategy Battler

Game mode

To balance everyone’s working and entertainment time, the manufacturer has prepared two different game modes, online and offline. With online mode, you will be randomly arranged to compete with other players across the globe. Or you are allowed to create your match rooms and invite friends to join. Besides, you can also participate in ranking battles to get attractive prizes at the end of each season. In particular, each season of the game will have different changes in generals and items. From there, you will have many attractive challenges to overcome.

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If you’re not ready for PVP battles and don’t have much experience, you should join the offline mode in Dota Underlords. Offline mode will arrange matches with A.I for you to practice and control the game better. The A.I in this mode is arranged in 4 different levels. Depending on your ability, you will choose the appropriate levels to train and improve your ability to build strategies. First, you can get familiar with the simple levels. After passing these levels, you can enjoy more difficult levels to improve your skills.