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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 181 MB
  • Date Updated: March 15, 2019

Currently, popular racing games often involve cars and motorcycles. If you are too familiar with such games and you want to find a new and more interesting experience. Please join Downhill Masters; you will enjoy unique bike races with many interesting characters. This is a new and carefully built game to create a lot of fun for you and many other players. Download and explore the game right away to enjoy many exciting and fun bike races.

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Select the character

In motorbike and car races, you will have to choose different vehicles to compete in. In Downhill Masters for iOS you have the opportunity to explore bike races in a new style. Instead of choosing bicycles, you are allowed to choose characters to participate in the experience.

The game will prepare you for three characters to choose and use when participating in the challenge: Devito, Marie and Steve. Each character will be carefully designed with various personal information such as age, work and health. Also, each character has its advantages that you need to grasp before your experience. In it, Devito possesses good health and can push opponents in the race. Marie is good at cheating, and she often confuses her opponents in races. In contrast to the two characters, Steve possesses a clean play style and an admirable speed. Depending on the information of each character, choose a character that suits your style to create many exciting races.

downhill masters 2


With many exciting races ahead, you have the task of training characters and participating in unique races to improve their competitive skills. You will begin to train and use characters from level 1. You have to help characters cross many different levels, so they become stronger. Overcoming each level will help characters improve their skills.

Downhill Masters for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Your races take place inside the city with different paths and different turns. You must be careful and pay close attention to avoid being defeated by opponents. In particular, when competing, you are encouraged to use special skills to win.


When competing, you get five virtual keys to control the character and compete with other characters. Virtual keys give you good control over races including two virtual keys on the left and three virtual keys on the right of the device screen. The two virtual keys on the left can help you choose different travel directions including turning left and right. The three virtual keys on the right have three different effects: jump, power and brake. Combine these five virtual keys in a scientific way to compete to defeat many opponents and win.

downhill masters 3

Note, you can only use power after accumulating enough power. Also, you need to avoid letting the HP bar drop too low. If your HP is dropped too low, the movement speed or battle skills will be reduced, and you will not be able to win.

New and attractive upgrades

To win in many different races, players need to upgrade the nice cars and learn new personal skills for the character. Upgrades include shock absorbers, wheels or helmets. These upgrades will ensure your vehicle can operate more stable.

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Besides, you also discover a lot of interesting bike control skills. These skills will help you overcome opponents and narrow roads with many turns in the city. These skills are very important when playing. Therefore, you need to unlock and use many new control skills to defeat the opponent. These control skills will be unlocked after the character has passed various training sessions.

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Downhill Masters brings fascinating races with new experiences for everyone. This is one of the sports challenges you have to experience this year. Enjoy exciting races and become the best athlete.