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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 11.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 153 MB
  • Date Updated: June 30, 2019

Racing content on mobile platforms is very popular with many different games and gameplay. Racing challenges are always interested because it brings a lot of fun to the players. Referring to racing challenges, we can mention some familiar names like Need for Speed or Asphalt series. If you have experienced both games and are looking for a more authentic challenge, come to Drag Battle, it was released by Ice Storm and has more than 10 million downloads from various online stores. Are you ready to conquer impressive and intense races?

drag battle 2

Unique game

Drag Battle for iOS is a new game with racing content; it has a more attractive gameplay system than products of the same genre. Besides, it is also prepared a beautiful graphics system with attractive colors. To increase competitiveness, the manufacturer also prepares a variety of powerful cars for people to collect. In particular, every car possesses its strong shapes and will satisfy you.

drag battle 3


For racing challenge, players need to have good control skills to be able to defeat their opponents. Take good control of your racing car; you can achieve high movement speeds and easily overcome your opponents. In contrast, lack of control makes your car collide with many obstacles on the track. Therefore, you must ensure the speed of movement and control of your racing car reasonably.

Drag Battle – Drive a street nitro race car

To help players improve their driving skills, the manufacturer has prepared more than 30 different mission systems for you to train. Each task will give you specific requirements. Completing the required tasks will help you gain better driving skills. The initial tasks will help learn the best control of the car while traveling at high speed. And more difficult tasks will help you train the ability to observe quickly and move reasonably.

drag battle 4

Fierce races

Your races will take place in many locations, and each location will bring you, different opponents. The key to winning is to control your movement speed well. Besides, each location will have a different racetrack to challenge your observation ability. The more complex the race, the more dangerous the opponent is. Therefore, you must keep yourself calm to get reasonable control actions.

drag battle 1


Similar to many other racing games, Drag Battle allows you to freely upgrade and own new racing cars. To unlock new racing cars, you need to accumulate many bonuses. Before unlocking the new cars, you must proceed to upgrade your racing car to ensure victory and get the desired bonus. Defeating many opponents, you accumulate bonuses. Therefore, do not hesitate to upgrade your racing car.