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  • Date Updated: May 8, 2019

Dragon Mania Legends – If you have ever experienced the usual pet care challenges, this game will give you exciting and completely new challenges. Instead of taking care of pets like dogs or cats, you will take care of and train powerful dragons. As everyone knows, dragons are a legendary creature with many fairy tales around them. Do you want to become a dragon trainer and have the opportunity to discover dozens of different dragon types? Join now with millions of other players to own beautiful and powerful dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends 2


Dragon Mania Legends APK Mod is a product released by Gameloft, and it owns more than 50 million downloads from online stores. Also, the manufacturer will regularly update new events and tasks so that you can join many other players. With many events organized regularly, you will not be bored and can participate continuously for a long time. With the task of caring and training dragons, you have the opportunity to discover many unexpected challenges that other pet care games do not have.

Dragon Mania Legends 3

A farm of your own

The game will provide you and everyone with simple farms during the beginning of the mission. From this simple farm, you must build a large farm and create a good environment for the dragon to grow healthy. With the task of caring and training, you will have to nurture dragons in many separate stages. Take care of them from small eggs with many colors until they mature and become big and powerful creatures.

Dragon Mania Legends – Dragon Breeding Game

The task of taking care of dragons is very simple; you will not take much time to get used to. For the dragons to grow healthy, you need to provide enough food for them. After that, you must give them health training exercises to develop the size. If you take good care of the dragons, they will quickly grow. If you take care of them not carefully will make them retarded.

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In addition to taking care of dragons, players are also allowed to participate in missions to create new dragons. From the dragons you own, you can let them pair and create new dragon eggs. By combining many different dragons, you will create many new and more powerful dragons than the basic types. The new dragons will have many beautiful colors with many new shapes.

Fun fighting

In the history of dragons, Viking is their greatest enemy. For the dragons to grow and possess more power, you must let them participate in battles with Viking people to train their skills. In battles with Viking people, you will have to choose three different dragons to participate in 3 vs 3 matches. Each match will help your dragons develop new powers. And upgrade special skills.

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Coming to Dragon Mania Legends, you must try to use your ingenuity to create beautiful dragons. Build a plan to take care of dragons in a smart way to become a great dragon trainer. Use your powerful dragons and conquer many new lands.