• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: $2.99
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: August 8, 2019

Currently, many manufacturers in the world are tending to reissue popular game consoles on mobile platforms. Before smartphone products are developed and popularized around the globe. People are often entertained by different game consoles, and game consoles always get an impressive story system for everyone to explore. If you haven’t had the chance to discover and enjoy an attractive game console? Don’t worry, the opportunity has come, and the name will make you satisfied as DRAGON QUEST.



In a beautiful and developing kingdom, there is a famous fair, and people often participate. This fair is called Alefgard fair; people attend the fair to trade goods. However, this year’s Alefgard fair was destroyed by the appearance of evil forces, and their leader was Dragonlord. Besides, the magic stone Sphere of Light has also been stolen. This stone has the power to control the cruelty of evil forces and prevent them from entering the human world.


As a descendant of Erdrick hero, you are responsible for finding Sphere of Light stone and defeating Dragonlord. The journey to protect the human world from evil forces will be very hard. Be brave and constantly fight to protect your own homeland.

DRAGON QUEST for Android/iOS – Gameplay


To control the character, the manufacturer has designed a simple virtual key system for you to use. A joystick prepared on the right side of the screen will help you move characters to different locations. Besides, a carefully prepared, intuitive interface will help you control and develop characters during the entertainment process. With the RPG element, you will have to move to many different lands and fight monsters to complete the mission.


One of the features of the game is the large map system, and each land will be prepared with a separate monster system for you to overcome. If you want to develop characters, you need to perform many tasks that the game requires. Each completed mission will help you gain more experience points and attractive rewards to upgrade characters. Similar to other RPG challenges, you must try to equip many good items for your character.

Not only bringing unique battles, but DRAGON QUEST for iOS also allows exploring many exciting adventure stories. Besides conquering new lands, you can explore dangerous dungeons and many rare rewards. Monster system and the hidden pitfalls of the game are built impressively. From there, you will have many unexpected challenges, and you will need calm to be able to complete these hidden challenges.



DRAGON QUEST is a classic role-playing game that will make you love and experience continuously without getting bored. Besides, the simple controls of the game also allow you to experience anywhere you want easily. In particular, this game is relatively small in size (31.5 MB), making it easy to install on many different types of devices.