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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 37 MB
  • Date Updated: January 22, 2019

Do you love the exciting activities and challenges of farm-themed games? Are you ready to explore and experience a completely new farm game with unexpected challenges? The world of Dragon Village W is the answer for you; you will discover and enjoy a beautiful world. Experience the exciting activities of the farm theme along with collecting different types of dragons. Like the name of this game, you will collect many dragons of different shapes to help your farm become more beautiful and attractive.

dragon village w 3

First information

Dragon Village W for iOS was released by highbrow, a famous producer with engaging games around interesting topics about dragons. Their products always bring beautiful images of dragons with unique challenges around them. Similar to the previously released products, this time highbrow brings an interesting farm experience alongside beautiful dragons. You have the opportunity to build and develop a farm of your own with many beautiful dragons; they will move around your farm. Completing the challenges and requirements of the game helps you discover many different dragon species and build an impressive farm.

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Many exciting activities around the farm

You will start the game with basic instructions of farm management and how to help you collect different types of dragons. With the theme of the farm, you have the task of planting many different plants and take good care of them before harvesting. Expand your farm when you grow a variety of plants and build a system of buildings necessary for farm development. Operating and developing the farm is not easy, you need to use a scientific plan to maintain the operation of the farm.

Dragon Village W for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Building a farm that requires a lot of resources and reasonable calculations, you will have to grow many trees and build food manufacturing plants. Planting and caring for plants will help you harvest more and produce more good food after processing at the factory. In addition to farming, you can raise livestock with a variety of animals to help you harvest more products and increase the value of the farm.

Beautiful dragons

To collect many different dragon species, you will have to process many different foods from your plants and livestock. Create good foods to exchange them for dragon eggs. Your farm is stable and produces a variety of different foods to help you collect more dragon eggs. Exchange food and continue producing products to discover and collect more dragon species, making your farm more beautiful and attractive.

dragon village w 1

The dragons not only have a decorative function to make your farm more beautiful but they also bring many different benefits. You can use dragons to get them to move to different locations and collect for you a variety of resources. With these resources, you will help the farm grow better. Also, when the farm grows well, many monsters want to attack and destroy the farm. Therefore, when monsters appear near the farm, your dragons will fight and fight monsters.

dragon village w 2


Dragon Village W with impressive gameplay and a good image quality will create many interesting experiences for you. The game possesses many beautiful images and sharp 3D graphics. Images of dragons and details around the farm are beautifully designed with vivid movements. The honest work around the farm creates excitement and comfort.