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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 50 MB
  • Date Updated: November 1, 2018

Asphalt or Need for Speed is racing games that are familiar to many. In this article, I will introduce to everyone a game with the latest and best racing content at the moment. This is a very realistic racing game, in the game, you will have a very exciting speed experience – Driving Car Simulator. New game released by BigBeep producer. Evaluate and find out the highlights of the game through my article.

driving car simulator 2

Live picture

At present, the game has very good image quality, and you will hardly find out the weak points in the graphics of the game. The game is vivid and beautiful in 3D. As soon as you start the game, you will feel impressed with the excellent graphics quality and user-friendly interface of the game. The easy-to-understand layout of the game provides you with all the basics of the car, giving you more relaxed and easy gaming experience.

driving car simulator 3

Sounds True

With racing games, the sound of the game is considered to be one of the key elements of the game besides gameplay and graphics. Games that sound good will help players to experience the game more fun. Similar to other racing games, Driving Car Simulator for Android is prepared with very good sound quality. The sound quality of the game will help you to feel the game’s authenticity, engine sound, wind sound and more. The background music of the game will get you excited, and you will be addicted to the sound of this game.

Driving Car Simulator for Android/iOS – Gameplay


As a racing game, so your main task in staying in the game is to participate in the most intense races. Use the vehicles the game offers and participate in unique matches with different terrains in the city. Join the race in the city; you need to be careful not to collide with other cars. You need to overcome the means of transportation and improve your level. In the game, there will be many levels and challenges for you to pass, complete the requirements in the game to receive the reward worthy. Use the rewards wisely to upgrade your car or buy another new car.

driving car simulator 4

Also, you can compete with friends and everyone in the game. Invite them to participate in the fierce battle with you and compete hard to confirm your ability. There is only one place for the winner, surpassing everyone and gaining the best position in the game.

driving car simulator 1

Racing games should experience

Driving Car Simulator is the ideal choice for speed lovers. The game helps you to control a real car and better. Competitive features in the game will make you excited while playing the game. The picture and sound quality of the game satisfy all the requirements you set. Download and install the game via the share link below the article, and you will experience the game quickly.