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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 275 MB
  • Date Updated: December 20, 2018

Although you have experienced many high-speed racing games, now you do not want to race high-speed cars anymore but simply want a normal driving experience. If you want a normal driving experience, simulated driving games are a great option. If you want to get the most realistic driving experience, Driving School Classics is the answer for you. This is a driving simulation game, produced by Ovidiu Pop. You will get the most amazing and unique driving experience ever.

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Enhance your driving skills

Driving School Classics for iOS will give you the most realistic driving experience; you will be driving the classic car. In addition to the classic cars, you can also experience a variety of modern and large vehicles such as buses, trucks, Audi SUVs, Land Rover, etc. With this game, you can comfortably drive on many different terrains with the convenience of customizing your car.

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For the most authentic experience, the manufacturer has prepared a virtual key system that allows players to easily control and experience driving. This virtual key system is designed with many of the same control functions as the accelerator pedal, brakes, signal lights, rudder, and some other features. You perform actions by touching the device’s screen to perform normal driving activities. This virtual key system is very user-friendly and scientifically arranged on the screen of the device.

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You will perform various tasks and after completing the required tasks will give you the opportunity to experience a variety of vehicles. More than 60 cars will appear in the game with a variety of unique challenges. You will experience a diverse range of vehicles, with very simple looking drivers, but depending on many factors. The task will require you to drive to the required location, on the road you will have to drive safely and well obey traffic rules. When performing the quest, you will receive bonus points when moving well and safely. Conversely, if you move incorrectly, you will be penalized and get a bad result at the end of the challenge. Good control of speed when moving and careful observation is the way to help you win the fastest.

Driving School Classics – Drive the most amazing Classic

True viewing angles

With a driving simulation game, the viewing angle is a very important factor and this is the key to the success of the game. To give the player the best experience, the producer has prepared a variety of perspectives for people to experience. You can easily change the camera angles differently when experiencing and help complete the task in the best way. Users can choose the first or third view angle when driving. Each viewing angle will provide comfort to the user while driving and give them a more enjoyable experience.

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Comments from individuals

In many driving simulation games that have been released, Driving School Classics is one of the most impressive and engaging games. You will be expressing yourself with more than 80 challenging levels. Besides the attractive challenge is a beautiful and lively visual system. The game is built with a series of strikingly designed details such as warning system, weather, rankings, and achievements. Finally, this game will not disappoint you.