After the success of the industrial revolution, people were able to fulfill the dream of conquering the sky. Many different types of aircraft are manufactured to serve humanity for civilian and military purposes. In military purposes, people have built many types of remote control aircraft and are called drones. This is a popular type of war vehicle and is equipped by many countries around the world for its troops. Do you want to experience the feeling of controlling a drone and enjoy intense battles from the air? With Drone: Shadow Strike 3, you have the opportunity to enjoy modern wars right on your device.

Drone Shadow Strike 3 2

The battle of the machines

Drone: Shadow Strike 3 for iOS will bring you to the fierce battles of the 21st century. You have the task of controlling the drone and destroying the various objectives that the mission requires. Destroying mobile targets or fixed by drone is a simple task and ensures safety for pilots. With an interesting observation angle from the air, you will enjoy many attractive images and unique shooting experiences.

Drone Shadow Strike 3 3

Combat ability

Currently, there are many different types of drones built for testing and use. In the game, you have the opportunity to explore various types of drones with a series of crazy missions and battle with many enemies that are not good at defense. Some of the drones you are allowed to use include: MQ-9 Reaper, MQ-1 Predator or General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle.

Drone: Shadow Strike 3 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides exploring many types of drones, you can also use a variety of weapons with specific functions such as anti-tank missiles or air-to-air missiles. In addition to using weapons, the game also allows you to participate in improving weapons to enhance combat power. Another outstanding feature of the drone is its varied combat capabilities both day and night; you will discover two unique observation modes: Thermal (FLIR) Vision and Night Vision.

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Real mission

When participating in Drone: Shadow Strike 3 APK Mod, players will experience many authentic combat missions in a modern war. You must control the drone to various battle areas on the battlefield. There, you get many individual tasks such as protecting the base or destroying the priority targets to win. More than 44 different missions are designed in 7 fierce campaigns to challenge your fighting abilities. All the campaigns and tasks you participate in are based on real battles.

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Each mission is successfully performed; you will receive bonuses and experience points. Experience points will help you level up and unlock new missions or new drones. The bonus will be used to upgrade your weapon and drone, or you can buy new drones. It is important to upgrade weapons or change drone. Depending on the mission, you will have to use different types of drones. If you constantly use a type of drone, the enemy will easily find you defeated. Therefore, you need a wise strategy in using and upgrading drone types.

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Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is an exciting shooting challenge with FPS style familiar to everyone. Many different missions and objectives will give you excitement and thrill when fighting.