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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 50 MB
  • Date Updated: September 21, 2019

Dune Surfer is an addictive game with simple controls. Players only need to swipe their hands on the screen to perform the challenges of the game. Developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale, this unique game has been downloaded thousands of times from Googleplay. Not only brings great entertainment time, but this game also makes you inhibit many unexpected obstacles. Are you ready to conquer complicated and fun levels?

Dune Surfer 2

Countless challenges to overcome

Dune Surfer for iOS requires the player to create safe paths to help the game’s character move to the required location and complete the task. If you think this is a simple game, you will have to think twice in the face of high levels of the game. To move to the required location, you need to create logical paths for the character to pass. The path is to help characters avoid obstacles that appear unexpectedly on the map. Therefore, you need to manipulate agility to create reasonable paths and quickly complete the task.

Dune Surfer – Draw your way to the finish

Joy and inhibition

Challenges will be designed according to the level, and each level will have its map for you to move. With horizontal screen motion, you need to swipe your hand quickly to create safe paths for the character. Creating multiple safe paths will help you complete the levels in a short amount of time. On the contrary, you create insecure paths that will make your character move slowly and may collide with obstacles or pitfalls available on the way. Therefore, you need to quickly observe the map system and come up with smart travel plans.

Dune Surfer 3

With many different levels, players will be relaxed and challenge their intelligent thinking ability. At basic levels, obstacles and traps will be less common on the road. Besides, the distance needed to move to complete the task would be short. In contrast, the more complex levels will have long distances travelled. And that means you have to overcome many crazy obstacles. At the complex levels, you may have to experience the levels several times to be able to complete the task because obstacles will appear suddenly and quell all your hopes of winning. In particular, the obstacles of this game are active obstacles. Meaning they will attack you suddenly to prevent you from completing the level.

Dune Surfer 1

Move smart and collect stars

In addition to overcoming the pitfalls, Dune Surfer also requires you to collect the prepared stars along the way. Safe moving and collecting stars will bring more challenging challenges for players. Collecting stars and avoiding pitfalls at the same time will not be simple. From there, you need to calculate carefully before creating paths. However, the time to think will be very limited. Therefore, are you confident to face these fascinating levels and challenges?