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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 94 MB
  • Date Updated: July 4, 2018

Classic empire-developing games make players feel boring, and they want to find a new style game. Today we will introduce you to a modern style empire game called Dune Wars released by FunGenerationLab. Players will become a good leader. You build up your army and make wars with other players to win and become the strongest. Can you become the lord of this world?

dune wars 2

New gameplay

When you join Dune Wars APK Download, you will become a leader. You will lead your people to create the most powerful nation. Initially, you will have to look for different resources on the map of the game like other traditional games. These resources will help you build new buildings and develop your army. You will build various scientific research works and military camps. From there, you will create a powerful army of many different types of soldiers. Each type of infantry will have a unique strength that the player needs to learn, and you will create a lot of different tactics based on his soldiers.

dune wars 3

In order to collect more resources, you will perform attacks on other player countries. After winning these battles, you will receive a lot of trophies to build your nation to become even stronger. You will upgrade your buildings and create more modern weapons. Also, you also need to pay attention to the defence system against attacks coming from other players.

Dune Wars for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The battles in the game take place at a very fast pace and dramatic. You will have to use a lot of different tactics to defeat other players. If you are a good player, then you will be on the top player’s rankings and get valuable rewards coming from the game.

dune wars 4


Dune Wars APK Mod owns a very impressive 3D graphics design. The battles in the game take place on a very large scale. All the buildings and soldiers are displayed on the screen of the game with very high quality and clarity. In particular, the visual effects of the explosions are also huge investments to bring the most enjoyable experience for players. The sound of different weapons is simulated very real.

dune wars 1

You can download the game here

If you are looking for a completely new empire development game, then Dune Wars will be a good choice. The game will bring you large-scale battles and many unique features. Currently, new games are only released on Android devices. Players need to wait a while longer for the publisher to release the official version for iOS devices.