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Legends Dungeon – For fans of the MMORPG genre, dungeon is a familiar place for people to fight and collect high-value rewards. Join this game; you will discover and fight in many dungeons to upgrade characters. It owns familiar combat content and is suitable for your entertainment in your free time. Not only are you fighting fiercely, but you can also collect or create a variety of powerful weapons to use. A series of fascinating challenges await you. Discover all the dungeons you know and become the most powerful conqueror.

Dungeon Legends 2

Get familiar with the game

With Dungeon Legends APK Mod, everyone’s main battle space will take place in different dungeons. You have the task of conquering the dungeons and defeating all monsters on the way. Your task is relatively simple, but to destroy all the monsters in the dungeon, you need powerful scientific and equipment controls. You will have to fight constantly in many different locations to accumulate combat experience and collect good items for the character. Become a wise conqueror and make your enemies terrified.

Dungeon Legends 3

Explore the dungeon

To conquer mysterious dungeons and have precious treasures, you need courage and good combat skills. Exploring dungeons requires you to have a wise strategy. In the dungeon, you face a lot of dangerous monsters. If you are not careful, you can be destroyed and end your journey from the beginning.

Dungeon Legends – Quest Hunter – Juegos MOBA Mobile Action RPG

Fighting in dungeons will be very complicated, enemies have a large number, and they will attack you constantly. Therefore, you need wise manipulations to defeat the enemy and ensure life for yourself. To move the character, you must touch various locations in the dungeon. Select the location you want, and the character will automatically move. In case of encountering monsters along the way, you just need to touch the monster you want to destroy, and the character will quickly attack them.

Dungeon Legends 4

Discovering dungeons and defeating monsters will help you get experience points. Accumulating more experience points, your character will be leveled up, and you have the opportunity to explore new challenges. The level up is very important; it helps you to use new weapons or learn new combat skills. After destroying the monsters, you can collect bonuses from their corpses.

Upgrade task

Besides dangerous dungeons, Dungeon Legends also has various upgrade systems for you to increase your character’s strength. And prepare for crazy battles with BOSS. For the character to survive and face many enemies at the same time, you need to train and improve their battle stats. The training will require you to use the bonus to perform. The index will be divided into five categories: Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Magical Defense, and Physical Defense. Each training will help increase a certain state of your character. Therefore, you need regular training to be able to conquer new dungeons. Note, during training, you are not allowed to participate in combat.

Dungeon Legends 1

During the battle with monsters, you are also allowed to use combat skills to quickly defeat the enemy. When conquering dungeons, you can bring up to 3 special skills. And you can learn new combat skills in SKILLS section. Like training, learning new combat skills requires you to use the bonus. Try to collect lots of bonuses so you can upgrade your character quickly.