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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: April 11, 2019

Dungeon Warfare 2 – You have prepared enough pitfalls and obstacles for you to protect the treasure. Hundreds of evil grave thieves are trying to steal your treasure. This is the next version of Dungeon Warfare and produced by Valsar. You will enjoy exciting tower defense challenges with many unique pitfalls. The content and tasks of the game are simple and bring many fun challenges for you to entertain. With an attractive strategic element and an easy-to-understand control system, players will get the best experience.

dungeonwarfare2 1

Addictive challenge

In Dungeon Warfare 2 for iOS, you must protect the treasure in various tombs before the evil and crowded tomb thieves. They will constantly attack to capture your treasure. You must create a powerful defense system to repel attacks from grave thieves. A good and scientific defense system will help you protect the treasure and destroy the invaders.

dungeonwarfare2 2

Your enemies will attack in wave and move on different paths. Therefore, you need to create a diverse defense system with many pitfalls and protection towers to destroy the enemy. If your defense systems are not properly arranged, the enemy can easily overcome and steal the treasure. Pay attention to the enemy’s path to make the best defense.

dungeonwarfare2 3

Destroy all enemies

With the task of protecting the treasure, you will face a large number of enemies, and each of your enemies possesses its characteristics. More than 30 different enemies with skills like fast movement, protective armor, overcoming gutters and many other skills. You will face enemies in the waves. To protect the treasure, you are allowed to explore more than 33 types of private pitfalls and 11 skills to upgrade. Each type of trap arranged appropriately on different paths will help you defeat enemies easily.

Dungeon Warfare 2 – Defend your dungeons!

Also, to improve the damage to the pitfalls, you need to upgrade them with the gem. Each upgrade will help your traps gain greater damage. Upgrading the pitfalls that need to be scientifically calculated, upgrading and using unreasonable pitfalls will cause your defense strategy to collapse.

Besides the usual enemies, you also have to face BOSS on special levels. Compared to normal enemies, BOSS often possesses a complex and difficult power system to be destroyed. Each BOSS will have its drawbacks, and you need to build pitfalls to overcome the disadvantages of BOSS to defeat them. Over 60 levels with maps, a series of enemies and dangerous BOSS waiting for you to destroy. Complete the mission with the best achievements and protect the treasure.

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Classic graphics

Dungeon Warfare 2 brings 2D graphics with classic and unique styles. If you love the classic style, you will be satisfied with the image quality of the game. Levels are built with a complex map system and bring many fascinating challenges for players. Compared to other defensive strategy challenges, the game’s map system is impressive with many paths in different levels.