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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 972 MB
  • Date Updated: September 9, 2019

If you want to discover the intense and authentic match of Ultimate Fighting Championship – UFC. EA SPORTS UFC is an impressive game and an attractive option for you to experience. With the high-quality image system, players have the opportunity to enjoy many matches and a variety of beautiful fighting skills. Currently, this game was released and produced by Electronic ARTS; it is available on Googleplay and App Store.

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Popular sports around the globe

Ultimate Fighting Championship – UFC is a famous tournament and a lot of attention. In this tournament, the athletes are free to use many different martial arts to beat other competitors. Using different genres and fighting skills will help the match more intense. From there, helping fans get more excited emotions and relieve stress after the hard-working time.

EA SPORTS™ UFC for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Coming to EA SPORTS UFC for iOS, you have the opportunity to become an athlete and compete with many famous opponents (Khabib
Nurmagomedov, Davi Ramos…). With an intuitive control system, players will easily control their characters and use many powerful fighting skills. A variety of dangerous opponents are waiting for you ahead. Defeat them all and become the champion of this famous tournament.

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The fierce match

With dangerous countervailing challenges, players will have to control their characters well and quickly defeat their enemies. You will be participating in the tournament and must overcome many different opponents if you want to get the championship. Each match will bring you unique competitors to compete. And each of your opponents will possess their fighting skills. The key to helping you win is to attack opponents constantly and avoid many dangerous attack skills of enemies. Completing each match will earn you experience points and bonuses. You will use experience points and bonus points to upgrade the fighting skills for your character. The manufacturer has prepared a variety of combat skills, and you can explore them through different stages of the game.

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In particular, each match you participate in will have a limit of time to play. Therefore, you need to quickly defeat your opponents within the time allowed. Or cause more damage than his opponents. If you cannot defeat your opponents within the time allowed, the results of the match will be assessed by the score. If you deal a lot of damage and use a variety of fighting techniques, you will get many high scores and win. On the contrary, you are attacked by enemies and do not use many different fighting skills. The opponent will win, and you are eliminated from the tournament.

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Stunning graphics

EA SPORTS UFC has attractive 3D graphics and lots of smooth motion. To bring out the match diaphragm, the manufacturer has built a series of sharp and sophisticated image details besides the fascinating movements of each character and beautiful fighting skills. The game also owns a great sound system. When playing, you can enjoy the cheering sound of the fans. Or the sound of fighting skills you inflict on your enemies and vice versa. From there, the match will be more authentic, and players can focus well to experience.