• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 80 MB
  • Date Updated: June 26, 2018

If you are a fan of Zombie games then surely you will know the game Earn to Die was released by Not Doppler. This is a very popular game series and has achieved great success since its launch. Particularly the Earn to Die 2 version, this version has achieved over 50,000,000 downloads and installed on Google Play and has become one of the best Zombie games. Recently, publisher of Not Doppler has continued to release the next version of this exciting series of games called Earn to Die 3. Players will have the opportunity to continue the journey of adventure. They are in a chaotic world with special cars. You will kill a lot of zombies and destroy all the obstacles on your crazy journey.

earn to die 3 2

Drive through zombies!

You will own an abandoned car in this game. Your car is quite old and has been improved to become an obsession with Zombies. You will make your journey in the game and kill a lot of zombies. Unlike previous versions, you will have to make the journey in the style of Endless Runner instead of having to overcome difficult levels. You will have to overcome many different challenges in your journey to achieve the highest score.

earn to die 3 3

Your journey will end when your car is destroyed by obstacles or zombies. You will receive rewards corresponding to your achievement when making the journey. Also, you will receive the pieces of the new map. Once you have collected enough pieces, you can create a complete map and unlock new areas on the map of the game. As you make new journeys in different areas, you will have to overcome many new challenges with the newer Zombies.

earn to die 3 4

You can own powerful cars

Earn to Die 3 Mod Shopping offers you a lot of new vehicles to give you the option in the shop of the game. Do you buy more durable and stronger cars? Do not forget to upgrade your cars; they will become much stronger after upgrades. You will get a more rigid armour, powerful weapons, powerful engines … to gain a much higher score in the next journey.

Earn to Die 3 for Android – Gameplay

The game has a control system similar to its predecessor. If you have ever played Earn to Die 2, then you will easily control your car in this game. The control mechanism is not too complicated, but you will have to practice a lot to achieve high score levels.

earn to die 3 5

Enhanced image

Earn to Die 3 Mod money owns 2D graphic design extremely impressive and beautiful. The manufacturer has upgraded the graphic design of the game to make a huge difference and make the player happy. The car and the zombies in the game are designed very clearly and in detail. Ragdoll effects and vehicle motion are simulated based on physical laws. The sound of the car and the zombie when crushed are described as very lively.

earn to die 3 6

You will definitely like this game!

Earn to Die 3 owns new gameplay with upgraded features. The game promises to bring players a lot of unique experience. The game has been officially released for Android devices. IOS users need to wait longer to experience this exciting game.