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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 32 MB
  • Date Updated: March 15, 2019

The universe is a great mystery for humans. People have done many different projects to explore the vast universe since the 20th century. With vast universes and many planets of different sizes, exploring the universe always brings things to doubt for humanity. Earth-808 is a game that helps you enjoy exciting adventures when searching for new planets. 111% producer has prepared many interesting challenges in this unique adventure. Many fun experiences are waiting for you ahead. The game is available on Googleplay, download and enjoys now.

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Endless journey

Earth-808 for iOS brings endless journeys in the universe with fascinating challenges. You will become an astronaut and control the spaceship in the quest to find a new planet. In your journey, there are many different sized meteors. These meteors will prevent you from completing your quest. And you need to avoid or destroy them to complete the task of finding new planets.

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Destroy all obstacles that prevent you

You will participate in an endless shooting challenge when you have to control a spaceship and overcome many obstacles. Meteors with many different sizes will appear continuously. And each meteor will be numbered differently. These numbers are displayed to help you realize that you can destroy meteorites after how many shots. For example, meteorites that are numbered 1 mean that it will be destroyed after one shot. The meteorite numbered more than one means you have to make more than one shot to destroy them.

Earth-808 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To destroy meteors, players will discover an impressive weapon system. These weapons systems will help you quickly destroy meteors in each mission. You need to collect energy while destroying meteors to be able to upgrade weapons. There will be three stats that you need to regularly upgrade: damage, push and attack speed. Also, you can also equip additional satellites to assist when participating in space exploration missions. Different satellites will be equipped with their weapons and help you destroy meteors on the way.

earth 808 3

Besides the various satellites and weapons systems, players also have the opportunity to discover and use more than 14 different types of spacecraft. Like satellites, each type of spacecraft will have its weapons to use and upgrade. Try to overcome many challenges and meet the requirements of the game to unlock new types of spacecraft. In particular, you will participate in challenging different stages and having more than 100 stages with a series of dangerous obstacles to challenge you. Experience each stage and create your powerful spaceship to conquer new planets in Earth-808 APK Mod missions.

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Earth-808 possesses a classic 2D graphics with simple images to help you have a lot of fun experiences. The use of simple design also helps the game to be smaller, and players can easily install on multiple devices. You will have a lot of fun when you relax without having to own a complicated device. With the theme of cosmic conquest, the game has prepared a simple image system, but it still expresses the space in a vivid way. Also, many types of spacecraft with different shapes will bring you more fun when participating in challenges.