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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: March 6, 2019

Are you looking for a classic JRPG game to experience? Do you have high requirements for the image quality of the game? All your requirements will be met when you experience ELCHRONICLE. This game will take you to new worlds with many fascinating lyrical stories. Join the experience to discover many beautiful lands and meet many lovely characters with sharp 3D graphics. The game is currently released by Cravemob; you can use the sharing link at the end of the article to experience the game easily.

elchronicle 2

A new world

ELCHRONICLE for iOS is a story about a world abandoned by gods. After they disappeared, the whole world was engulfed in darkness. Humans are threatened by so many evil demons, and they must seek courageous heroes to protect humanity. And you are one of many different heroes in the journey to protect the world. A dangerous world and dangerous journeys are waiting for you to discover.

Adventure and intense fighting

Players will experience many intense combat journeys with different missions. You must move to many lands or new cities to get the mission. These missions will help you get experience points and items needed to grow. The game will provide a virtual key system familiar to the MOBA genre, so you will easily fight and defeat the enemy.

elchronicle 3

Besides the missions and events that follow the storyline, players also meet with new characters. You can collect new characters into your squad to fight together. Each character is built with their combat skills and costumes. Therefore, you will enjoy many beautiful images and epic battles.

ELCHRONICLE for Android/iOS – Gameplay

One of the missions that will make you love the game is Raid BOSS challenge. This is a unique challenge that many people want to experience. You and your teammates will participate in fighting against many monsters and especially BOSS in Raid BOSS missions. These tasks often bring many experience points along with high-value items and equipment. Therefore, you need to prepare well for the character before taking part in Raid BOSS missions.

elchronicle 4

Diversified equipment system

The game possesses a diverse character system with many impressive fighting skills. The equipment of the character is also very carefully prepared by the manufacturer with many different types and capabilities. Each character in the game is built with a separate equipment system, so you need to know the power of each character when using in addition to the equipment collected after completing the task. You can also participate in making new equipment and upgrading easily. To manufacture new equipment, attention should be paid to collecting necessary materials.

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3D graphics

ELCHRONICLE APK Mod has beautiful 3D graphics with a great image quality that will surely make you satisfied. The characters and scenery of the game are carefully built and sophisticated. The characters are always well prepared with many beautiful costumes to help you enjoy many attractive images. You have the opportunity to experience large spaces with many different lands and cities. Participate in fighting with the weather system designed honestly by day or night.


In addition to good graphics quality, ELCHRONICLE is also highly appreciated with lively sound. Many background music pieces are arranged and combined in harmony with the gameplay to create comfort for players. The dialogue of the character is voiced by many celebrities. Besides, you will enjoy many good songs to help you get more excited when you experience.