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  • Date Updated: May 28, 2019

Elvenar – A fascinating simulation game with lots of sharp images. In addition to real-time strategy and combat elements, simulation challenges also bring joy to everyone. Do you want to create a beautiful city with many unique architectural features? Experience the game right now to explore the process of building a city. A series of interesting construction and development tasks are waiting for you ahead. Discover the game and become a smart builder to own impressive cities. If you are looking for a true city building challenge, this game is the ideal choice for you.

elvenar 2

Race selection to develop

Before starting the journey to develop and own beautiful cities, you will have to choose 1 of the two races that the game offers to experience. The two races are referred to as Human and Elf, Human is a strong race, and they develop based on advanced technologies – techniques. As for Elf race, you will discover mysterious magical powers that help them grow quickly. Each race will have its advantages and disadvantages in the development process. Choose the race you love and enjoy the fascinating challenges.

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City building challenge

Compared to games with the same content, Elvenar APK Mod offers an interesting construction challenge with various stages. Building and maintaining a city is not easy. Players will have to pass many different stages and slowly expand their city. You will start with small areas and some basic buildings during the early part of the game. From these basic buildings, you have to expand the city by building many new buildings. In addition to the building, you also need to have resources search and exploitation plans. To create a developed city, you need a lot of resources, and resource extraction takes a long time to implement.

Elvenar – Fantasy Kingdom – Play a Strategy Castle Sim

The more your city grows, the more resources you need to use. In addition to exploiting and using resources, you also have to pay attention to the explosion of population in the city. The more the population grows, the greater the population density in the city, and you need to build many different structures to serve people. Besides the city, you also have the vision to plan your city. The buildings to be built should be selected with reasonable locations. Having a good planning strategy will help you build a beautiful and neat city.

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Some other features

For the purpose of challenging the ability of building and leadership of players, the game also gives people some interesting features to explore. Besides the city building task, you can also make friends and visit other cities of other players. In addition to visiting other cities, you are also allowed to build different businesses for economic development. Exchanging goods with many cities at the same time will help you get a stable source of finance.

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In addition to the two races of Human and Elf, players also discover some new races when conquering new lands. Each land that you conquer successfully will bring your resources to grow. And you are also allowed to build new buildings for new races like Dwarves, Dairies and other races.