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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: March 4, 2019

The turn-based combat genre always creates lots of fun experiences and fun emotions for everyone. You will be developing the ability to build plans to participate in many exciting battles. You can build strong and comfortable armies to conquer many mysterious lands. Turn-based fighting games are now varied and have a product that you should not miss in the present time. This game is called Ember Tactics and is produced by 1555 Games. You have the opportunity to explore a fairyland with many beautiful characters, besides a series of fascinating adventures.

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Fairy Tail

In Ember Tactics APK Mod, players have the opportunity to explore many mysterious lands of different creatures along with beautiful fairies like Tinker Bell. During your adventure to these mysterious lands, you are tasked with fighting many monsters and building a group of your warriors — interesting turn-based combat experience along with an attractive range of equipment.

ember tactics 2

For team fighting, you need to have a wise development strategy. Collect various characters and equipment through each required task. Build and arrange various types of battle teams to be able to confront multiple enemies at once.

Show your leadership ability

The game will bring people a friendly and easy-to-operate control system. You just need to touch the character to choose the direction and attack the enemy. Touch various toolbars to make reasonable edits to the characters or equipment you own.

Ember Tactics for Android/iOS – Gampelay

With the task of building a good squad, you are allowed to explore more than 25 different creatures. Each creature is well prepared with its fighting characteristics and skills. You must start the game with your main character and proceed to collect other creatures during the experience. Make smart arrangements so that your battle squad becomes stable and accomplishes the required tasks.

ember tactics 4

Each mission you participate in is a different story in the fairy world. With many unique missions, you will experience many different stories and characters. Any story or any character will bring you joyful emotions and make the experience more enjoyable.

Equip the character

When you experience, you are provided with the main character and must collect other creatures to create a battle formation. To be able to complete the quest and collect new creatures, your character needs to be equipped with a variety of items. These types of items will help characters improve their defences and attacks. Since then can participate in many different combat missions. More than 50 unique equipment types will be prepared throughout the game. Each item has its characteristics to use, collect new equipment and make your character stronger.

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Ember Tactics for iOS has a very beautiful image design and impressive 3D graphics. With fascinating fairy tales, a series of game characters are designed in a beautiful cartoon style. The characters are always carefully built with many different details to help create a realistic experience. Turn-based combat missions are more appealing with diverse battle maps and designed in different squares.


Ember Tactics is an intriguing challenge and not too complicated for you to experience. Role-playing and strategic elements are harmoniously combined in turn-based combat challenges. The word helps players feel interesting and want to experience continuously to discover many exciting challenges ahead. If you are interested in games, please use the post-sharing link to experience.