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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: June 10, 2019

Empire: Rise Of BattleShip – A new and exciting strategy game. Instead of familiar land fighting environments, this game will help you discover crazy battles on the ocean. Intense naval battles between different types of battleships are waiting for you ahead. Are you ready to create a mighty naval fleet and become the boss of the ocean? In this day and age, mastering the ocean means controlling the land.

Empire Rise Of BattleShip 2

Conquer the oceans

Empire: Rise Of BattleShip APK Mod fighting environment will take place in many different seas. Therefore, you can only defeat the enemy with a strong navy with many different types of warships. With the mission of a naval admiral, you will have to develop a base and upgrade the warship technologies to create your army. Besides fierce naval battles, you also have to build many good relationships with other players. Set up or join alliances to survive the battle of different factions.

Empire Rise Of BattleShip 3


To conquer the ocean, you need to own a strong naval base. The construction and development of naval bases require scientific plans. You will use many different resources in the game to develop your base. The more your base grows, the more powerful ships you own. And you can confront many different opponents besides developing naval bases with many buildings with specific functions and functions. The player must also build a good defense system to counter the attacks of enemies on his base.

Empire: Rise Of BattleShip for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Owning a strong naval fleet requires players to have a lot of time and overcome many different stages. You will start building your naval fleet with simple and armed small warships. To be able to own and equip larger types of warships, you need to develop technology modules. Technology modules will need a lot of resources to develop. More than 15 types of warships with their missions and ten unique carrier types waiting for you to use. Therefore, you need to calculate and use resources scientifically in a variety of issues.

Empire Rise Of BattleShip 4

Note, the creation and ownership of new warships will require a certain amount of time. Large and complex design warships will take a long time to build. Therefore, you must wisely plan to fight and use existing warships while waiting for new warships. If you do not get wise plans in fighting and developing your fleet, other opponents can easily defeat your navy.

Empire Rise Of BattleShip 1

The alliance is the key to survival

Throughout the history of the war in the world, the alliance is the key to helping the warring parties gain stable resources to serve the war. So Empire: Rise Of BattleShip needs you to join a certain alliance to survive and get many different benefits to develop. Also, joining the alliance allows you to enjoy unique and fun guild battles.