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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 98 MB
  • Date Updated: March 10, 2019

Do you want to own a castle for yourself? What will you do to get a large castle? All you need is in Epic War – Castle Alliance. A new exciting strategy game recently released by DroidHen producer. You will discover interesting journeys and build unique castles; you also have the opportunity to build a strong army to conquer many new lands. Join now and create your impressive achievements. The game is available on Googleplay and App Store, quickly download and enjoy the most epic battles.

Epic War Castle Alliance 1

Attractive strategy game

Epic War – Castle Alliance for iOS is developed with attractive strategic content and brings online battles to help you have more fun experiences. You and many other players will participate in unique battles to scramble for resources and create many beautiful castles. Participating in battle with everyone also helps you improve your logical thinking ability. With an attractive strategic element, you need smart plans to develop your army and defeat the enemy. Therefore, this game not only brings a lot of fun challenges but also helps you to develop good planning skills for yourself.

Epic War Castle Alliance 2

Build your castle

When you start your experience, you will be given basic instructions to familiarize yourself with the game’s interface and control system. Besides, these instructions also help you understand the basic rules when experiencing. If you want to build a large castle, you need a lot of different resources to use. Therefore, players need to have basic construction plans, in the beginning, to avoid wasting resources. After obtaining reasonable construction plans, you can build new buildings to accumulate the resources needed to grow. To get more resources, you must upgrade the built buildings. Upgrading these buildings helps you get a stable resource for better growth.

Army development

In addition to the resources accumulated from the built buildings, you can also participate in battles on many different lands to gather resources. Successfully conquering each new land will help you get more resources. To participate in fighting and conquering wealthy lands, you need to own a strong military force. Build different barracks in your castle and train soldiers to get ready to fight.

Epic War – Castle Alliance for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Military system in the game is very diverse; you will discover and use many different soldiers. And each type of soldier possesses unique fighting abilities. Therefore, you must grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each type of soldier to create reasonable strategies when using. Also, you also need to upgrade soldiers to make your army more powerful. Select units that match your strategy and upgrade them regularly to use.

Epic War Castle Alliance 3

Fight online and build alliances

With vast maps and many different players, you will be involved in fighting in many intense battles. Use your army to attack other players’ castles and proceed to plunder resources to develop your kingdom. Enjoy exciting online battles to discover your leadership and build your battle plan. The battles that attack the enemy’s castle and steal resources will give you lots of excitement.

Epic War Castle Alliance 4

The online competition also gives you the opportunity to connect with friends and players around the world. Create your alliances or join established alliances. Participating in the alliance will bring you more exciting experiences. Fight with alliances to get more good positions in the rankings and more fun competition.


Epic War – Castle Alliance is a new and fun strategy experience where you have to join your friends. A diverse control system with many exciting fighting elements, promises to bring a lot of fun to you and everyone.