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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 10 MB
  • Date Updated: January 16, 2019

The wood folding game is an interesting puzzle game for everyone to relax. You are a lover of fascinating puzzles and familiar with wood folding games. Do you want to experience a game with similar content but upgraded with more impressive changes? Escape Car will give people the most complex puzzles along with interesting visual designs for you to explore. With content similar to wood folding, you can quickly become familiar with the challenges of the game. A unique puzzle game but very familiar to everyone.

escape car 2

Familiar game

As mentioned, Escape Car for iOS brings familiar experiences to everyone. You will be involved in many challenges with different levels. The challenges of the game are built and designed with many traps and require players to focus and think well. You can experience with your friends to get more help and more fun stories to experience. You must free the red car from the messy parking lot. You will have to make changes and move reasonably to rescue the red car. Join now to experience the fascinating puzzles of the game.

Escape Car for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Each level is a completely new experience

Escape Car APK Mod provides four different modes to challenge you, modes including Easy, Normal, Hard and Professional. Depending on your ability and preferences, you will be able to choose from different modes to experience. For those who the first experience, you are encouraged to participate in Easy and Normal mode to get used to the challenges. Experience two modes Easy and Normal at the beginning of the game will help you familiarize yourself with the control system and interesting puzzles. After a while and you become more confident, you can participate in Hard and Professional to experience more complex puzzles. Choose the mode that suits you to practice and prepare well to experience higher levels of difficulty.

escape car 3

Experience everyday puzzles and regularly help you develop better thinking. Besides, you will get the hint to use. Completing many different levels will help you gather more hint, this support tool will help you overcome many difficult and crazy challenges. Accumulate and use the Hint scientifically to help you conquer many high levels of the game. The game also gives you an interesting competition when the best achievements will appear on the game’s rankings. The rankings will constantly update players with high scores and overcome many different levels. Experience and compete with many players in the world to get the best position in the rankings.

escape car 4

You will love this game

Escape Car has simple 2D graphics and normal image quality to match gameplay. Although the image quality is simple, the game is designed with a scientific interface that helps you to have a lot of interesting experiences. With simple images, the game will have a light size that makes it easy to set up and experience on many different devices. Challenge yourself and participate in the fun competition to find the smartest person. Use the link at the bottom of the article to experience this game faster.