• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 2.2 GB
  • Date Updated: May 2, 2019

Among the current RPG game makers on the mobile platform, X.D. Global is a new name and has a lot of interest. Recently, they are very famous for saying Excellent works delivered by love and it is now widely shared on many social networks. Also, this producer is very famous for two products, Final Heroes and Eternal City. In it, Eternal City is a name that people love and experience continuously. This game has great sound and image system; it will make you satisfied.

eternal city 2


In a beautiful and peaceful coastal city, a strange door appeared (Black Gate) and released a series of dangerous monsters. These monsters attacked the city and everyone. The army was summoned to fight monsters but was defeated. The peace of the world is threatened, and the evil forces from that strange door are plotting to destroy the earth. When people are losing hope, people with special powers have appeared. And they can use mythical weapons to fight monsters from Black Gate. These people are called Wielders and are responsible for destroying the Black Gate to protect the world.

eternal city 3

Impressive graphics

Eternal City for iOS has beautiful 3D graphics with popular Japanese anime style. The design of the anime style will bring more sharp images for everyone to relax. The characters and landscapes of the game are sophisticatedly built with unique colors and details. Besides, you also enjoy many combat skills effects from characters or BOSS in the game.

Eternal City for Android/iOS – Gameplay


To bring a lot of thrill and fun emotions to players, producers have invited many celebrities to voice the characters and prepare many good quality songs. A series of songs in the game is composed by Kawai Kenji, a famous Japanese musician. If you are a fan of many anime movies and the famous Original Soundtrack, you will want to enjoy the songs in this game.

eternal city 4

Save the world

To fight monsters, you have to summon many different characters to use. Summoning new characters is complicated, and you need to complete many different requirements to own new characters. Similar to other RPGs, you will use virtual keys arranged scientifically on the device’s screen to control the character. The left side of the screen still has a beautifully designed joystick for you to move the character. And on the right side of the screen are different fighting skills. In particular, the left corner of the screen will display the avatar of each character, and you just need to touch the avatars to change characters when fighting.

eternal city 5

You will have to join the fight in different areas of the city to destroy monsters. Each mission will have its rewards. Use these rewards scientifically to upgrade and unlock new combat skills for your character. At the end of each mission, you must fight the BOSS, and they are very dangerous with many powerful attack skills. Fighting and defeating BOSS needs a wise strategy.

eternal city 1


Eternal City promises to bring the most interesting things to players in 2019. Beautiful graphics system with attractive gameplay, you will not be able to stop playing this game when you start the experience.