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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: January 5, 2019

Exciting adventures to many lands and fierce battles of powerful heroes are what you and everyone will experience when participating in Eternal Fury 2. This is an immersive game of Proficient City Limited producer. You will experience good image quality and beautiful action scenes of this RPG game. Interesting stories about new lands and the most impressive battlefields are waiting for you ahead.

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Addictive content

Entering the world of Eternal Fury 2 for iOS, you will be tasked with building and developing your city. Besides, you will fight and compete with many players on many different lands. A vast world waits for you to explore with rich resources, diverse enemies and endless epic battles. Players will have to gather many different warriors and build into an army with impressive fighting ability to win in endless battles.

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Unique and varied features

The first mission in the world of Eternal Fury 2 APK Mod is to build the city, you will be provided with a simple city, and your mission is to expand the city. You will need to accumulate and use game resources scientifically to develop a stable city. You will have to build many buildings and upgrade them regularly to get valuable rewards. The accumulation of resources is never simple and enough, you will have to fight constantly with many different enemies to accumulate resources for city expansion. To fight constantly and accumulate a lot of resources you will have to build an army with many powerful warriors. You will have to summon many different characters to use; you will have to train and upgrade characters to create a strong army.

Eternal Fury 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

There are many different battlefields for you to fight and accumulate resources, you will have to fight on many complex maps and terrain. New lands will have a lot of resources to collect, and these lands often have a lot of dangerous enemies. You will have to defeat many enemies to train your fighting skills and collect the necessary resources. Fighting and gathering resources are two important missions that always take place in parallel, so players will need to have strategies and arrange science to expand the city and defeat many enemies.

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Endless upgrade

As a strategy game, the characters in your army will be using a lot of impressive equipment and upgrades. For your army to be the strongest, you will have to equip many different items for the character. The items will help improve the fighting ability of each character, thereby helping you gain many advantages when fighting. In particular, each character of the game is designed with many attractive combat skills for players to explore. For the character to have the best fighting power, you will have to upgrade these skills continuously and can equip many new skills for your character. Players will experience an extensive and endless upgrade system, helping them to have fun experiences. More than 24 characters with a variety of skills waiting for you to learn and use, choose the necessary upgrades and help your character be stronger.

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Eternal Fury 2 is an engaging role-playing game with an impressive visual system. You will experience a variety of realistic combat phases with beautiful skill effects. Diverse construction, combat and upgrade systems bring more activities and help players get a more comprehensive experience of an RPG product. Upgrade and fight endlessly to your city is the best.