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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: November 1, 2018

Eternity Legends is the latest fighting role-playing game today. The game is released by DIVMOB developer; the game is full of elements of a role-playing game on mobile devices today. Experience the game; you will be involved in the classic battles and unique. From simple control systems to live visual effects, all will make you happy when playing the game.

eternity legends league of gods dynasty warriors 2

Role-playing game

In a world of mysterious powers and abilities, evil Thanatos has begun to invade humankind. The gods were defeated when they had to fight a huge demonic force, the only way to survive was to unite and stand up against the devil. Gather the best and most talented people to train and prepare for war.

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You will experience the game by controlling the characters involved in the fight in the game. You will use a well-designed keyboard system in the game. Use the virtual key to move your character to the requested location, simply fighting by tapping the virtual keys on the device’s screen to use the skill. Fight with the devil to gain experience and get rewarding rewards. Upgrade weapons, equip your character with the best items in the game to overcome the challenge of the game.

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Development mode

In the game, there are many different modes to experience. The modes in the game include a story, tower defense, daily challenges, BOSS advanced and finally the BOSS world. Each mode will have different requirements and tasks for you to experience. The plot mode, you will join the fight to recapture the demon-wrecked cities and complete the required game tasks. You will receive many rewards such as weapons and new equipment. In this mode, you will have the opportunity to improve your combat abilities and to judge for yourself when you overcome the challenges in the tower defense. The difficulty of this mode will gradually increase with each level. The daily challenge is the mode you have to frequently participate in, as this is a mode that helps you get more support items in the game. The last two modes are BOSS and BOSS in the world, in which you will fight to destroy BOSS that the game requires. However, in the high-level BOSS mode you will have to fight alone to complete the mission, and in the BOSS world, you will be allowed to create groups with other players to complete.

Eternity Legends for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The final basic mode you need to know is PVP. In this mode, you will be arranged to play against other players in the arena. Join PVP to improve personal skills and ability to control the character flexibility. Gaining scores and high positions in the arena will help you to get useful rewards in the game.

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Connecting people

In the game, you will meet many other players you will be comfortable making friends with your friends. Talk and share fun stories about life, learning, playing games with the people around you. In particular, you are allowed to create or join Guild in the game. Being a member of the guild will give you many advantages when playing the game. Helping your guild develop and influence in the game will benefit you later on.

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The mobile role-playing genre is very popular with everyone, but there are few successful games like Eternity Legends for iOS. This is the best and fun role-playing game today with many unique features and vibrant picture quality. Gameplay and beautiful graphics of the game help you to experience the game in a more wonderful way. A simple and free game experience by touching the share link at the bottom of the article.