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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 380 MB
  • Date Updated: September 23, 2019

If you are a football fan and want to experience fun but not too complicated matches. Extreme Football is a name that suits your entertainment needs. Instead of complicated match, this game will bring you simple challenges and bring lots of fun in limited rest periods. Instead of matches that take a long time to complete and have to control many players at the same time, you will be competing in the form of 3 vs 3. With content that is easy to understand and compelling, people will get the best comfort and stress relief.

extreme football 2

Street soccer

Extreme Football for iOS is built in a simple and interesting street football style. These fast-paced 3 vs 3 matches will make everyone happy. From there, balance work and leisure time in the most reasonable way. Besides, the game will bring you attractive online match to help you get acquainted with many players around the world. Also, the online competition brings a lot of excitement and people can experience it constantly without getting bored.

Extreme Football for Android/iOS – Gameplay


As mentioned above, you and everyone will discover simple 3 vs 3 matches. At each match, your team needs to score many goals to be able to win. Each match will last for three minutes, and you must use a variety of logical strategies to defeat the other competitors.

extreme football 3

To help you control the character, 9M Interactive producer has prepared an intuitive virtual key system that makes it easy to get acquainted in a short time. Similar to popular role-playing challenges, on the left of the screen will be a joystick for you to move the character. In contrast, the right side of the screen is also equipped with several different virtual keys to help you perform beautiful playing techniques (kick, steal, …). Overall, the game’s control system is relatively easy to understand. If you know how to properly exploit virtual keys along with smart strategies, you can beat your opponents quickly.

extreme football 4

Besides online competition mode, the manufacturer also prepares a separate training mode for you to test new strategies or characters. In training mode, you will be free to explore many different styles of competition. In particular, each character of the game will be built with a unique technical system of competition. From there, players can build up a lot of science competition strategies and be ready for intense matches with other competitors.

In addition to bringing many unique characters and interesting ‘matches’, the game also provides an attractive ranking for people around the world to compete against each other. In this global ranking, players Getting the best competitive performance will achieve good ranking positions and vice versa.

extreme football 1


Extreme Football is an exciting game that football lovers can’t ignore. In addition to the randomly arranged match, players can also easily invite friends to join in for entertainment and together and have great entertainment time. Although designed in a simple street football style, this game still offers many fascinating challenges of a regular football match.