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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 22, 2019

After hours of stressful and exhausting work, people often want to relax their bodies or join fun games for fun. Currently, there are many games to help people relieve stress quickly have been released. But most of these games often have familiar content and make players feel bored. Players need to find more interesting and unique games to entertain in the best way, Faily Rocketman is one of the new entertainment games that many people care about. You can relieve stress quickly through this fun gameplay and get lots of fun. Spunge Games Pty Ltd is a new manufacturer, but what they bring to the players are the best choices.

faily rocketman 2

Launch a Rocket to the Moon!

Faily Rocketman for iOS will give players a large universe; you will use a rocket to fly into the air and explore this universe. Initially, the player will be selected for his character in the two main characters of the game, Phil and Anita. Each character will have a unique personality and voice. You will be with the character you choose to start the endless journey of the game. When starting the journey, you will use your finger to touch the screen of the device to activate the rocket. After your rocket is successfully launched, you will continue to use your finger to control the direction of the missile’s movement and help your character soar to the highest position. In the sky, there will be many obstacles to prevent your great journey. You will have to perform flexible and precise manipulations to achieve the highest score.

Faily Rocketman – Launch a Rocket to the Moon!

Rewards and upgrades

After some time, your rocket will run out of fuel, and it will fall. At this point, you will not be able to do anything and accept the outcome of the race. At the end of the journey, you will receive a bonus corresponding to your achievement. Besides, you can get more bonuses by collecting gold coins during your journey. You can use the bonus that you accumulate to upgrade missiles and achieve higher scores in the next journey. The upgrade options that the game gives you are fuel, steer, armor, power, each of these upgrade options will make your rocket possible for you to achieve higher performance. Try to collect lots of bonuses to upgrade your missiles and gain new scores in the next game.

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Simple graphics

A highly entertaining game, Faily Rocketman APK Mod has a very simple and user-friendly 2D graphics system. Different details in the game are designed to be very simple and fun to bring more fun to the players. In particular, visual effects and sound when your character falls off the rocket are shown very funnily. Parents can also rest assured that their children can freely explore this game because it does not have any violent elements.

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Faily Rocketman is purely a fun and healthy game. All ages can participate in this game to relieve stress and optimize free time appropriately. Can you explore the vast universe in this game? Join now to get more fun.