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  • Date Updated: October 10, 2018

You are a skateboarding enthusiast. But you do not have the opportunity or the ability to play skateboarding? If so, you still have the opportunity to experience this sport through an impressive game from Spunge Games Pty Ltd as Faily Skater. This is a sports category game that many people are interested in. Join the game for a fun and adventurous experience of skateboarding. Also, this is also an impressive skateboarding game on the mobile platform. You can experience the game through the app store, download and experience the fun in the game.

faily skater 2

Interesting sport

Skateboarding is a street sport, popular in almost every major city in the world. This is also a sport that many young people are interested in and love. This is a highly demanding skill game.

faily skater 3


When you start playing the game, you will be instructed to use the game’s virtual key system. The virtual keyboard system will help you control your skateboarding like jumping, swiveling, tilt and flip. Once you have captured the game, you will experience the game more simply and comfortably. Faily Skater APK Mod¬†will have many different levels for you to experience. Each level will require different moves, so you need to calculate and move reasonably to complete the difficulty level. Also, at each level there will be tasks attached, try to complete these tasks.

faily skater 4

As you complete each level and the missions that come with each level, you will receive bonuses. Bonuses will be used to buy skis better, and you can also buy beautiful outfits in stores with bonuses. Note, the main terrain on your slider is the city, so there are a lot of obstacles. Obstacles include mailboxes, trash cans, pedestrians, vehicles involved in traffic. So, you need to calm down and handle the situation carefully if you want to finish a level.

Faily Skater – Skateboarding Faily Style

In particular, each level will take you to different maps. Each map is a famous city in the world. In addition to experiencing this adventurous and exciting sport, you also have the opportunity to watch the beautiful cities and impressive details of each city.

faily skater 1


The game has nice 3D graphics, giving players true gaming experience. Image details in the game are designed to be smoother. The layout and colors of the game are well-designed so that players do not feel tired while playing the game. The game has high image quality and beautiful.

Faily Skater


Faily Skater is an impressive game that you should not miss. The game will give you the most realistic view of skateboarding. Game content is not new, but certainly, you will feel comfortable playing the game. Want to experience the game right away, please click on the shared link at the bottom of the article.