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Fallout is a very famous action game series on PC and Console of Bethesda. This game has created a worldwide craze and received the love of so many players. Over the past few years, Bethesda developers have officially launched Fallout Shelter for mobile devices. Now after the launch of the game, the game had quickly over 1 million downloads worldwide and received positive feedback from the players. Today, this game has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. This proves the appeal of this game to fans around the globe. Let’s find out about the highlights of this game.

fallout shelter 1


Humans have created a very destructive weapon called nuclear weapons. Soon after, major nations in the world began wars to scramble for resources and power. They have created a nuclear war worldwide, the result of this war is that billions of people have died. The consequences of nuclear war persist for thousands of years. Humans are standing before death. You will become a leader in this game; you help the survivors create an underground base to survive.

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Fallout Shelter Mod Money is a very interesting strategy game. In it, players will become a great leader. You will lead the survivors to create a society deep underground and avoid disaster from the nuclear war. The game will have a lot of different features for players to explore.

fallout shelter 3

You can collect survivors on the ground for them to work in your underground base. You do the construction of new buildings such as power plants, water supply stations, underground farms… to create resources and help people survive. Also, the people in the game can reproduce and create more new residents.

Fallout Shelter – A Better Life, Underground

The game will also give players many different challenges such as attacks by bandits or monsters. You will need to equip your people with weapons and armour to fight off these dangerous forces. After you overcome the challenges the game brings, you will have to continue to face the energy crisis or severe food shortages. Players will need to make the most reasonable strategies to ensure their safety and escape the crisis.

fallout shelter 4

Beautiful graphics

Fallout Shelter APK Mod owns 2D graphic design in a fun cartoon style. The characters in the game are extremely sharp and detailed design. You can use your fingers to zoom in on the surroundings while retaining the details of the character. Also, players will feel very happy with the soundtrack of the game and the sound of the characters as they perform different actions.

fallout shelter 5


If you are a fan of the Fallout Series on PC or Console, you will not be able to skip Fallout Shelter for mobile devices. You will experience the feeling of being a true leader in this game. You help your people survive and grow into a strong community. You will get a lot of fun playing this fun strategy game.

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