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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 136 MB
  • Date Updated: July 3, 2018

Ketchapp is one of the very famous game makers. Ketchapp has been successful with a lot of different games like Knife Hit, Rider, Space Frontier … Recently, Ketchapp has launched their new entertainment game market called Fans Rush. You will be an enthusiastic fan and always look forward to running down the pitch and meeting the players you admire. But the protector will stop you and take you out of the stadium because you have broken the safety of the celebrities. You will have to flee these security guards and go to the characters that you adore in this game.

fans rush 2

Football fan runs onto field!

When you join the game, you will be a fanatic and go down the pitch. At this point, the security guards will try to catch you and take you out of the stadium. Therefore, you will have to control your character to move skillfully to escape from the guardians. The game has an Endless Runner style gameplay that is quite similar to another popular Ketchapp game, Car vs Cops.

fans rush 3

The control of the game is quite simple; your character will automatically move on the grass. You will use your fingers to perform touch gestures and swipe the screen to control the movement direction of the character. You will have to avoid all the security guards who are chasing you and trying not to let them catch you. Also, you can move around in circles so that security guards get caught, and they will not be able to chase you in a short amount of time.

Fans Rush – Football fan runs onto field!

On the field will be the gold coins appear randomly. Try to collect as much gold as you can to become richer. You can use the gold coins you collect to buy new characters in the game’s store. New characters will possess unique looks and wear nice outfits, making sure players are more excited when they own new characters and make the next turn.

fans rush 4

Simple graphics

Ketchapp always offers gamers a very simple graphic design, and Fans Rush APK Mod is no exception. The game has a very simple graphic design in the Pixel style. The characters and surroundings are displayed in bright colours on the screen of the device. Players can easily view the situation with a view from above and make the most accurate decisions. The sound of the game is also designed very simply and bring a lot of fun for players.

fans rush 1


Fans Rush will be a perfect entertainment choice for you during the boring weekend. Also, the game was also released in time for the 2018 World Cup. Players can make their dreams run down the street and meet the characters they adore in this game. How long can you escape from the security guards?