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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $2.99
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  • Date Updated: June 27, 2018

In the previous article, we introduced you to Farm Simulator 14 simulation game with a lot of great features and give players the most realistic view of the farmer. After two years, GIANTS Software developer has launched their new simulation farm game market called Farming Simulator 16. This game is an improved version with a lot of features and gameplay changes, promising to give the player the experience of becoming a true farmer. Let’s learn about this game and how to experience the game easiest.

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New version and new features

When participating in the game, players will become a real farmer. You are still doing the most basic job that a farmer needs to do such as farming, raising livestock, building a farm … However, these features have been added to a lot of new options. Batch for players to freely choose. You can choose from 5 different crops such as potatoes, wheat, sugar beets, corn, and rapeseed. These types of plants will give you a much wider variety of products than the previous version of the game.

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Also, you can also raise other livestock to earn more money and become rich. As the harvest season approaches, more modern cars will help you to harvest your products more quickly. Each car will have a separate control; players will need to practice for a long time to be able to control them in a proficient manner. A relatively new feature of this version is the market. You can bring your products to the big marketplaces on the game map to sell them more easily or communicate with other farmers.

Farming Simulator 16 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You can play with your friends using Multiplayer mode. This mode allows players to visit the farm of other players and learn how to manage their farm. To be able to use this feature, players will need to have a network connection and maintain their connection status so that the game is uninterrupted. There are many new features that you need to explore yourself.

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Better graphics

Farming Simulator 16 Mod Money gives players a more beautiful 3D graphics design than the previous version. The graphics of the game have been utilized by the manufacturer using the latest technology, providing extremely high image quality for the player. All the details in the game are displayed very sharp and true. The sound of the game also has significant improvements to create the most authentic experience for players.

farming simulator 16 2

Are you ready to become a real farmer?

Farming Simulator 16 with many upgraded features compared to the previous version will give the player a completely different feel. The game is currently available on Google Play and App Store for around $3. At a very good price compared to the benefits the game brings to the player, they will have the experience of being the most authentic farmer. Also, you can use our link to experience this fascinating game more easily.

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