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  • Date Updated: July 21, 2019

Farm theme is always an attractive option for people to relax after hard-working time. Understanding this, Zynga producer designed a farm challenge called FarmVille. They released two different versions of this unique game. Recently, the producer has continued to market the third version of this game, and it’s called FarmVille 3 – Animals.

farmville 3 2

Compared to the previous two versions, this new version has a better image system. And owning an easy-to-use interface makes it easy to enjoy the game anywhere. Besides the familiar tasks, it also brings new and more attractive tasks than the old versions.

farmville 3 3

New and more exciting challenges

FarmVille 3 – Animals APK Mod brings many familiar challenges but requires you to have a smart management plan to develop your farm. Do you want the farm to grow stably? Therefore, you need scientific development plans and implement it at different stages. If you are too hasty and ineffective, your farm will be slow to grow compared to the farms of other players.


With the task of managing the farm, you will be provided with a small farm, and you have the task of extending it at different stages of the game. You will start managing the farm with basic tasks such as selecting plant varieties to care for and harvest — construction of breeding areas and warehouses. From there, you can accumulate many different foods and process them for sale to everyone.

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By owning a variety of plant varieties and different animal types, you can freely build many different development plans. Each plant variety will have its own time to care and harvest. Therefore, you need to control time appropriately to harvest them and quickly cultivate new varieties to increase farm productivity. You can buy plant varieties like carrots, wheat, or sunflowers from the game store.

FarmVille 3 – Animals for Android/iOS

In addition to taking care of and harvesting crops, you also need to manage and take good care of the animals that you own. Compared to high-yield crops, animals also bring a lot of benefits to your farm. You can take care of and nurture animals like pigs, chickens, cows, or some other animals. Each type of animal will have a different breeding area system. And you need a lot of time to care to be able to harvest them. For example, chickens can provide eggs for you and raise cows for milk or meat.

farmville 3 1

Expanding and decorating the farm

Besides managing and improving the productivity of the farm, you are also allowed to expand and decorate your farm in many unique styles. You can expand your farm by completing quests to gain experience points and level up. Achieving new levels allows you to build many new structures for your farm. After expanding the area for the farm, you will have to control the characters to clear the ground inside the farm. From there, you will get the vacant and suitable space to build new structures. Overall, FarmVille 3 – Animals will bring a lot of fun to players through simple and interesting gameplay. This is a game that you should experience now!